Starting a New Organization

UW Tacoma has many great organizations, but perhaps you don't see one that meets your interests? Then we suggest starting a new one! Registering a new organization is simple:

Step 1: UW Tacoma students can join up with 4 other UW Tacoma students who will serve as the leadership in your new club.

Step 2: Find a full-time UW Tacoma faculty or staff member willing to serve as your adviser.

Step 3: Write a constitution for your Student Organization. Check out a Sample Constitution.

Step 4: Login to DawgDen, click on the "Organizations" link, and then click on "Register a New Organization."

Step 5: Have at least two officers attend an RSO Orientation Sessions (held throughout the school year) or Club Camp (held the week before classes start each Autumn Quarter). To see a list of upcoming Orientation Session, view Center for Student Involvement Events or email us at

Step 6: Receive confirmation through DawgDen from the Center for Student Involvement staff that your organization is granted registration!

Need Help?

If you are having difficulty with any of the above steps, please email us at We're here to help!