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UW Seattle International Student Services Tax Information Page 

This page is a good place to start for International Students with tax related questions.  

Form 8843

As an international student, you must file IRS form 8843 each year that you are in the U.S., regardless of whether or not you earned any U.S. source income. GLACIER (the tax preparation software mentioned below) will help you fill out the 8843 form.

W-2 or 1042-S Froms

If you earned U.S. income, you should receive a W-2 or/and 1042-S from your employer. You will need one of these forms in order to fill out your federal tax form. Make sure that your employer has your current mailing address, and if you do not receive your form by the end of January, contact your employer. If you worked on-campus, you can download your W-2 and/or 1042-S by logging into MyUW.

Form 1098-T

This is a form for Educational Tax Credits. 1098-T statements are only provided to U.S. Citizens and Immigrant Residents. If you have further questions, please contact Student Fiscal Service in Seattle campus: https://f2.washington.edu/fm/sfs/contact

GLACIER tax preparation software (access available in mid-March)

The University of Washington provides access to the GLACIER tax preparation program free of charge to international students. This program walks you through preparing your federal tax return if you are an international student who is not a resident for tax purposes.

GLACIER is available to all current UW Tacoma international students for free. Please access the software (https://myuw.washington.edu/nonresidentTax/). You will need to create a special log in other than your UW Net ID. 

Below is an instruction provided by one of our student staff. This particular student is a non-resident alien for tax purpose and worked on-campus. 

Students employed by UW must first set up an account in a software program called Glacier Tax Compliance when they are hired to work for the university. This is a different program than Glacier Tax Prep! Students may use Glacier Tax Prep at no charge, but you must log in through the ISS website.

Before you start, please have the following items ready: I-20, Passport, VISA, Social Security Card, 1042-s form or W-2 form

  1. Enter Glacier through ISS webpage: https://iss.washington.edu/student-life/money-matters/tax-information/
  2. Login/ Create account
  3. Fill in passport/citizenship info
  4. Fill in your immigration and visit info, list all the previous entries
  5. Upload W-2 or 1042-s form you received from payroll office
  6. Enter foreign address, and your SSN
  7. Fill in academic institution info, based on your I-20
  8. Fill in additional info
  9. Glacier Tax Prep will automatically generate the documents
  10. Download, print and mail the required documents to IRS

Filing deadlines

Form 8843 and your federal tax return are due on April 15 if you had U.S. income in the prior calendar year, or form 8843 is due by June 15 if you had no U.S. source income in the prior calendar year.