KeyBank Professional Development Center

The KeyBank Professional Development Center is a joint venture between the South Puget Sound community and the University of Washington Tacoma to extend the resources of the university to the community. The center works with educational providers to offer a broad array of continuing education opportunities for public and private sector professionals and organizations in a range of disciplines.  

2015 UW Tacoma KeyBank PDC Fall ScheduleRemember when books were something you had to balance in your hands?

Remember turning the pages by hand, making notes in the margins, spilling your morning coffee on it?  Our staff are about half and half on whether we like an online version or a printed version of the schedule.  So we are doing both! We just sent our fall schedule to the print shop so if you are on our mailing list, you should see something in your mailbox in a few days.  This PDF version works online and in print.

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Certificate Programs

Lean Six Sigma is a business and data-driven, disciplined approach to reducing waste and minimizing defects in any type of process (be it manufacturing or services). Lean Six Sigma focuses on reduction of waste, increased profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mappingis a team-based process improvement technique used to evaluate and document current processes and design and generate a plan for a desired future state. This in-depth course is designed for Lean Six Sigma coaches, managers and leaders seeking a more structured approach to transforming and improving processes in a wide range of businesses and organizations.

White Belt

White Belts learn how the Lean Six Sigma continuous improvement process works in an organization. White Belts are typically supervisors, managers, directors or executive level staff who may be tasked with implementing and managing teams using the Lean Six Sigma process. White Belts provide strategic oversight and direction for projects, review progress, and assist in solution implementation. Fee includes lunch and a free registration for coworker/supervisor.

Green Belt

Green Belts learn the comprehensive elements of Lean Six Sigma in order to assist staff in using the process and facilitate team efforts. They collect data, make initial interpretations and begin to formulate recommendations that are fed to Black Belts or the sponsoring managers. Green Belts typically facilitate 1-2 projects a year while maintaining their regular work duties. This course covers the concepts of Lean and Six Sigma for both manufacturing and service businesses. Students are provided an overview of Lean, Six Sigma and the DMAIC problem solving methodology. Included are both statistical and non-statistical techniques used for continuous process improvement such as process definition, process flow diagrams, data collection techniques, measurement techniques, causes of process variation, pareto diagrams, histograms, cause and effect diagrams, control charts and process capability analysis.

Black Belt

Black Belts are experienced and well trained Lean Six Sigma professionals who provide project management, statistical analysis, financial analysis, meeting facilitation and project prioritization for the organization. The typical Black Belt leads several projects, coaches and mentors Green Belts and understands how to define a problem in order to quickly drive towards a solution. Black Belts often manage Lean Six Sigma projects full time and serve as the liaison between the staff and project sponsors and managers. Register or Apply Now!

Project Management

The Project Management Certificate provides a comprehensive overview toward successful project implementations. The ten week course is highly interactive and energetic and will include a combination of lecture, Q and A, group exercises, and tests to evaluate knowledge transfer. Key tenets of good project management practice is excellent communication, empowering leadership, strong people skills, a firm and consistent management style, combined with experience and wisdom.

Human Resource Management

This program is designed for human resources staff who want to learn advanced skills to take on more responsibility or those with supervisory experience who want to begin a career in HR. The program emphasizes how disciplines of human resources can be integrated to address workplace effectiveness. Courses cover all major areas of human resources and can serve as a foundation for preparing to take the national certification test in human resources. The program, however, is not just a test-prep or review course to cram for the Professional Human Resource (PHR) exam. Courses include, case studies, group projects and discussion of practical, real-work situations make the program relevant to today’s workplace issues and environment. Participants benefit from the experience and insights of course instructors who are leading human resource professionals in a wide range of industries.

Fundraising Management

As organizations compete for donor dollars, they have a great need for fundraising professionals. With the focus increasingly on the individual contributor, fundraisers recognize the growing importance of planned and major gifts, the fundamental relationship between good management, financial and marketing skills, and the ability to develop strong case statements for grant proposals. This Certificate Program in Fundraising Management reflects the changing trends and new directions of the field.



Paralegal Studies

The paralegal profession will be one of the fastest growing occupations in the region during the next several years, according to a study by the Washington State Employment Security Department. This program, designed and taught by leading attorneys in the Puget Sound region, prepares students to enter this growing field. Instructors are practicing attorneys who excel in their chosen specialty, are experienced in the classroom, and are knowledgeable about the important work and knowledge necessary for paralegals. This program emphasizes the development of litigation support skills that are in demand in entry-level positions. This series begins in Fall Quarter.

Contract Management

Learn to design and modify contracts and to effectively manage existing contracts and contracting relationships. Explore the principles of contract management for goods and services while learning to make responsible, sustainable business decisions. Understand the legal and financial aspects of contracts. Advance your contract negotiation skills as you learn how to actively negotiate contracts from both the buyer and seller perspective.