KeyBank Professional Development Center

The KeyBank Professional Development Center is a joint venture between the South Puget Sound community and the University of Washington Tacoma to extend the resources of the university to the community. The center works with educational providers to offer a broad array of continuing education opportunities for public and private sector professionals and organizations in a range of disciplines.


Silverdale Lean Six Sigma GraduatesUW Tacoma certifies it's first three Lean Six Sigma Green Belts in Silverdale

Instructor Kurt Robertson's inaugural Green Belt class just did their gallery walk in Silverdale.  The gallery walk is a presentation on the process and results using Lean and Six Sigma tools.  UW Tacoma has launched several off-campus programs to meet the needs of employers and employees up and down the Puget Sound corridor from Lacey to Everett.  "Kitsap County is a new market for us," says Kathleen Beaumont, Program Development Manager.  "It's hard for employees to make that 45 mile drive to UW Tacoma's main campus in the evening after a long day at work."  We've put the classes in Silverdale about halfway between the Poulsbo and Pt. Orchard in the Silverdale area right off Highway 3.  Our first three students came from either active duty Navy or the shipyards, but Kurt has made a lot of contacts with local schools, businesses and government agencies in the area.  We think we can fill this class in the future."  Interested in our Silverdale location?  Next class starts January 19, 2016...

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Certified Public Manager
® Program at UW Tacoma

Learn the skills you'll need to move from first level supervisor into a higher level leadership position.  This nationally accrediated program will change how you see and interact with your work world and help you create personal and professional visibilty.  Come join us!  Read more...

Lean on Me: Supporting Your Staff Through the Lean Process
August 21, 2015 by Larisa Benson (UW Tacoma KeyBank PDC) on MRSC

"Lean isn’t just about process improvements and efficiency. It also requires cultivating a culture of respect. In this first of a 3-part series on understanding the people side of lean we explore how focusing on staff can help overcome the common obstacles to lean implementation."  Read more...

Lean on Me: The Pitfalls of Performance Measurement

October 15, 2015 Larisa Benson continues her series of articles. 

"The Japanese proverb “none of us is as smart as all of us” captures the essence of why respect for people is such a fundamental principle for any group endeavor."  Read more...

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