KeyBank Professional Development Center

The KeyBank Professional Development Center is a joint venture between the South Puget Sound community and the University of Washington Tacoma to extend the resources of the university to the community. The center works with educational providers to offer a broad array of continuing education opportunities for public and private sector professionals and organizations in a range of disciplines.

Business Development & Entrepreneurship starts 10/14/2015.

It's not too late to see if this is the right program for you.  Register and pay for just the first class in the series Choosing the Right Business: Discovery before you commit to the rest of the program.  We've given you another week to decide.  Come join us!

Lean on Me: Supporting Your Staff Through the Lean Process

August 21, 2015 by Larisa Benson (UW Tacoma KeyBank PDC) on MRSC

"Lean isn’t just about process improvements and efficiency. It also requires cultivating a culture of respect. In this first of a 3-part series on understanding the people side of lean we explore how focusing on staff can help overcome the common obstacles to lean implementation."  Read more...


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Find information about what employers are looking for and what kind of salary you can expect...

Use WOIS/The Career Information System to explore careers, create goals for your future, make educational plans to reach your goals, and find the training programs and the right schools. check out what skills you need for a specific job, typical salaries and more.

2015 Fall Program

2015 UW Tacoma KeyBank PDC Fall ScheduleRemember when books were something you had to balance in your hands?

Remember turning the pages by hand, making notes in the margins, spilling your morning coffee on it?  Our staff are about half and half on whether we like an online version or a printed version of the schedule.  So we are doing both! We just sent our fall schedule to the print shop so if you are on our mailing list, you should see something in your mailbox in a few days.  This PDF version works online and in print.

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