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Congratulations to our 2016 Certificate Program Students

2016 KeyBank Professional Development Center Certificate Recipient in Fundraising Management, Margaret Devitt, at the Certification Ceremony June 15, 2016  (Photo by Jennifer Mitchell)

Certified Public Manager® Program at UW Tacoma

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Learn the skills you'll need to move from first level supervisor into a higher level leadership position.  This nationally accrediated program will change how you see and interact with your work world and help you create personal and professional visibilty. Download a brochure. Come join us!  Read more...

Saving the language that brought us "Seattle"
   by Chetanya Robinson, Crosscut, May 26, 2016

"This is a fascinating article by a Crosscut intern who also happens to be a UW student in journalism and Middle Eastern studies. The piece describes the launch of the Lushootseed Language Institute and its summer immersion course, and then builds on that to describe numerous efforts to preserve indigenous languages in the Northwest. The article quotes Danica Miller, assistant professor in SIAS, describing her as the course facilitator."  John Burkhardt, Associate Director, Communications, Office of Advancement, UW Tacoma


2016 Corporate Gold Star Award


We thank KeyBank for its support of UW Tacoma’s mission to educate diverse learners and transform communities by expanding the boundaries of knowledge and discovery.


Lean on Me: A Culture of Respect in the Workplace

December 3, 2015 by Larisa Benson (UW Tacoma KeyBank PDC) on MRSC
"Lean isn’t just about process improvements and efficiency. It also requires cultivating a culture of respect. In this third of a 3-part series on understanding the people side of lean we explore how focusing on staff can help overcome the common obstacles to lean implementation." See also, part 1 and part 2.

Workplace culture is about shared values. It shows up in what people do and how they treat one another, and in the ways that decisions are made and communicated. Organizational theorist Edgar Schein defines culture as “a pattern of shared basic assumptions” that can be recognized by the visual artifacts in the workplace along with verbally espoused beliefs, values, and basic underlying assumptions. Read more

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The KeyBank Professional Development Center is a joint venture between the South Puget Sound community and the University of Washington Tacoma to extend the resources of the university to the community. The center works with educational providers to offer a broad array of continuing education opportunities for public and private sector professionals and organizations in a range of disciplines.

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