Leadership Endorsement Programs

Leadership Endorsement Programs

         The Distinguished Leadership Endorsement represents the best students UW Tacoma has to offer to the community. Students will progress through two (2) leadership certificate programs, engage in meaningful community work, and present to a board of faculty and staff on how they have made a community impact.

Selected students will receive an endorsement letter from the entire Board, making a recommendation to employers as the best UW Tacoma has to offer.

Learn Engage and Develop (LEAD):    

This is the first of two leadership certificates designed to help you build yourself personally and professionally. Distinguish yourself by showing that you intentionally engage in your own leadership development through workshops mentor sessions, a team project and an e-portfolio. For more detailed information please visit the LEAD Webpage.

Community Engaged Leaders (CEL): 

This is the second of the extra curricular leadership certificates.  C.E.L will give you the skills, knowledge, and experience to effectively and ethically engage in community work.  For more information please visit the CEL Webpage.


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Johari Du Pont: Has dedicated herself to expanding her knowledge outside the classroom and is laser focused on research that impacts of our local community schools.  She focused much of her extracurricular workshops and learning around reflection and mindfulness for substance abuse treatment.

Johari volunteers her time on research dedicated to the treatment and education of adolescent substance use in a program called Project READY. The project utilizes Motivational Interviewing, Personalized Feedback, and Relapse Prevention to address substance abuse in Tacoma high schools. Johari’s dedication to this topic has earned her the right to co-present professional research findings with Dr. Harris at the Wester Psychological Association conference. Johari will continue her dedication to the principles of professional growth and community impact as she attends graduate school next year at Claremont University. For dedication to her professional development outside the classroom and for successfully completing all program requirements we recognize her with the LEAD certificate. For more about Johari visit: www.johariscareer.weebly.com

Nadia Caldwell:   A big personality, you will know when Nadia is in the classroom or in the community making an impact.   Nadia has a passion for getting voices and perspectives heard. Nadia has a passion for getting voices and perspectives heard. A communications major, Nadia focused her personal growth and community engagement on how she could use her voice to encourage others.

Attending workshops outside the classroom on topics such as “Mindfulness”, and “Tips for Getting College Done”, she wove these reflective times into herself and her community work. As a cheer coach at Jason Lee Middle School she invested time in helping young girls find their voices. She notes, “As I go into my community work I move forward with an open mind and an eye for how these things (biases) present themselves. Working with teen girls these oppressive ideologies seep into their consciousness through all of the popular media.” She found her own voice while working for the Ledger (school newspaper) which kindled her passion for communications. But this big voice also finds time for reflective humility, attending the Center for Service and Leadership’s Alternative Break volunteer program she reflected, “I’m trying to be mindful of my character and my big voice, and learning when to let others have the floor.” It is for her mindfulness, her volunteer efforts and the successfully completing all program requirements of both LEAD and CEL that we recognize Nadia. We wish her luck on her master’s degree in strategic communications at University of Southern California. For more about Nadia visit: www.nadialeadcel.weebly.com