Master of Accounting

Now Accepting Applications for Autumn 2014!

Program Overview

The Milgard School of Business Master of Accounting (MAcc) program is a one-year, 45-quarter credit professional accounting program. The program will consist of 10 four-credit courses and one (1) five-credit internship. The courses cover key areas of accounting and business knowledge such as advanced topics in accounting, international accounting, planning, control and performance evaluation, financial statement analysis, financial accounting theory, taxation of businesses, and business law and ethics. These courses emphasize the skills and tools for accountants to provide information and assist decision makers. Additionally there is an internship/independent study requirement that requires the students to apply their knowledge to a specific area of accounting. Its innovative features include international accounting, social reporting, and forensic accounting. The program provides the fifth-year of higher education required for the State of Washington CPA exam.

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Admission Requirements

Admission to the University of Washington Tacoma Milgard School of Business Master of Accounting (MAcc) Program is for fall and spring quarter each academic year. We select prospective students on the basis of their academic achievements, their ability to communicate effectively, and their record of personal accomplishments. Prospective students must have well-developed language and reasoning skills. During our evaluation process, we examine applicants to determine their facility in reading, writing, speaking English, and the ability to reason analytically, logically, and creatively.

Admission is based on a number of criteria including:

  • Completion of a bachelor degree with a culmulative GPA of 3.0 (your bachelor degree must be completed by April or September of the year in which you start the MAcc Program).
  • Satisfactory completion of prerequisite accounting and business classes before you start the MAcc program.
  • Scores from the GMAT exam.
  • International students:  English test score, 100 minimum iBT or 7 IELTS; English test scores are not required if you receive a bachelors degree from a U.S. university.
  • Well-written admission essay.
  • Internship (include on your resume even if you haven't started work yet) and/or work experience.
  • Volunteer and student activities.

In selecting the entering class, the Milgard School also strives to create an environment that fosters a rich and satisfying learning experience and is representative of society as a whole. We believe that a diverse student body helps create such an environment.


The Master of Accounting (MAcc) Program is designed primarily for applicants who have an undergraduate business degree with an accounting option or major. Generally, students with such a degree would not need to complete any course prerequisites prior to applying for the program. Applicants with non-UW degrees will be screened to determine whether the prerequisite courses have been taken.

Students without a degree in business, or with a degree in business but without an accounting option, may apply for this program; however, all prerequisite classes must be completed before the start of the MAcc Program. Students without an undergraduate degree in business need to complete all the courses or their equivalents listed below, while students with an undergraduate business degree (but not an option in accounting) need to complete those courses listed below under Accounting Option. Descriptions of the courses may be obtained from the University of Washington Tacoma course descriptions website site at: These classes, or their equivalents, must be taken at a college or university, either at the undergraduate or graduate level:

Accounting Option
Accounting 301, 302, 303 Intermediate Accounting I, II, III (series offered as 2 classes in semester systems)
ACCT 311 Cost Accounting
ACCT 411 Auditing
ACCT 451 Individual Income Tax

TBUS 350 Business Finance


When and How to Apply


Program Cost

This is a fee-based program and it is possible for students to qualify for some federal and state grants, loans, or the work study program, as well as Master of Accounting scholarships. Students in all fee-based programs and fee-based degrees are ineligible for the tuition exemption program, institutional tuition waivers and the Undergraduate/Graduate University Grant programs, including the Husky Promise program.  For information on federal or state aid, contact the UW Office of Student Financial Aid

Cost of program for 2014-15:

  • Course Fee
    • $440/credit for Washington Residents. ($19,800 for the entire program)
    • $550/credit for Non-Washington State Residents ($24,750 for the entire program)
  • Technology Fee
    • $40/quarter



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