Milgard Student Contest: winter 2018

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Winter 2018 contest for Milgard students

Would you like to win a $150 Amazon gift card while making your mark in the history of the business school? 

Participate in a contest to develop a design, graphic, or emblem that embodies the business school's new MISSION! All who participate will receive a $10 gift card (a choice of Amazon or Starbucks), and the winning design will be professionally created and implemented by our school! This is not only an opportunity to support our institution, but it's a chance to leave our school with an emblem that future students and community members will see for years to come.

  1. 1st place = $150 Amazon gift card
  2. 2nd place = $100 Amazon gift card
  3. 3rd place = $50 Amazon (or Starbucks) gift card
  4. ALL WHO PARTICIPATE = $10 Amazon or Starbucks gift card

  • No previous design or software ability required
  • Designs don't have to be perfect, the concept and idea are key! Creatively and critically think!
  • Open to Milgard undergraduate AND graduate students
  • Ideas can be hand drawn, in black and white, or created via software (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator, native Windows or Mac OS apps, etc.)
  • You can work with a friend (in pairs)


  • Designs/concepts must be submitted in person to Trish Zander the Milgard Success Center (DOU 290) no later than Tuesday, Febuary 20, 2018
  • The winning design will be showcased in Milgard's spring quarter newsletter (mid April, 2018)

Our Mission

The Milgard School of Business cultivates business leaders through cutting edge and personally accessible education, diverse scholarly exploration, and innovative community engagement while promoting social responsibility. We inspire students to become lifelong learners.


"W" day at UW Tacoma, 2017

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