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UWTBIZ Email List: Something of Value for Everyone

Join the UWTBIZ email list

UWTBIZ is an electronic mailing list and program newsletter for undergrad Business students. It's the only way advisors can reach you between appointments with important developments.

Though every message may not interest you, you will find value in the emails that flow through UWTBIZ; you might even find the key that helps unlock your future.

Be the first to learn about:

  • new course offerings
  • registration schedule release time
  • graduation application deadlines
  • changes in option requirements
  • internship opportunities
  • job opening announcements
  • career and resume workshops
  • news about campus events

How to subscribe

  1. Visit the Mailman info page for UWTBIZ.
  2. Sign in using your UW NetID and subscribe to the list.
  3. Receive messages at your UW email account.
  4. Visit the website above to view archived messages or change your membership.