How to find an internship | How to receive credit | Info for employers

Why internships?

  • An internship is an opportunity to work in a Tacoma-area (or farther afield) business, agency, or organization before finishing college.
  • You'll gain practical experience and insight before graduation.
  • You'll learn about a company's culture and find out whether your values are compatible.
  • You'll meet the decision-makers who may influence or assist your future career choices.

What should I expect during my internship?

Students work alongside professionals at the business and are mentored by supervisors. Often students are assigned to work on special projects that allow them to put into practice the concepts and theory learned in the classroom. The level of responsibility they enjoy as an intern surprises many students. This opportunity offers much more than a work-study position or part-time job. What is done during an internship will vary based on the amount of experience you bring to the internship and your willingness to take on added responsibilities. Though assignments vary from internship to internship, you are encouraged to take on more challenges and responsibilities with each new internship.

How do I find an internship?

Plan early and start early. Be sure that you have a resume and are ready to apply, because some internships are only open for a very short time. Interns with some of the larger employers are recruited very early in the year, so investigate the hiring process of the companies in which you are most interested.

How do I sign up for academic credit?

Students are eligible to do an internship for credit after completing two (2) quarters and taking three (3) core courses in the Business program. Undergraduate credits earned for internships may be used to fulfill general university elective credits.

  • Read the Internship Procedures and Forms.
  • Complete the Internship Application (pages 6-8 of the Internship Procedures and Forms packet).
  • Obtain appropriate signatures from the site supervisor.
  • Submit completed and signed documents to a Milgard advisor in Dougan 204 no later than the first day of the quarter the student will be earning the credit.

Once submitted, the documents will be reviewed by the faculty leader. If approved, an adviser will e-mail an add code. Students are responsible for making sure that the appropriate documents are completed and submitted in a timely fashion. The internship forms are considered your application to participate in the internship program within the Milgard School of Business.

Keep in mind that you should make all arrangements to apply for the credits prior to the start of the quarter. It is against policy to grant academic credit for work already completed. Also, you cannot apply for internship credit for your current job.

What is the time commitment per credit?

You may take an internship for 1 - 5 credits and apply a maximum of 10 internship credits towards your degree. The time commitment to earn credits is:

  • 1 credit = 30 hours of work during the quarter
  • 2 credits = 60 hours of work during the quarter
  • 3 credits = 90 hours of work during the quarter
  • 4 credits = 120 hours of work during the quarter
  • 5 credits = 150 hours of work during the quarter

What are the required assignments I'll complete in TBUS 468?

The assignments required in TBUS 468 are meant to help you analyze and communicate your experience. Daily journal entries allow you to reflect on the experience as it is happening and keep track of everything you are doing - it is hard to remember it all at the end! The 5-10 page paper gives you the chance to explore in depth how your experience connected to the classroom and the competencies of the Business Administration degree.

You and your on-site supervisor will also be given opportunities to assess your progress by completing the Intern Evaluation and Supervisor Evaluation forms.

Can I be paid?

Of course! That does not mean unpaid internships have no value - they do. Non-profit internships often do not pay, yet they provide some extremely rewarding experiences.

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