Master of Science in Business Analytics


Preparing talents for the Fourth Industrial Revolution – jobs of future with the skills you need

Why Milgard School of Business?

Milgard’s MSBA program provides students with the knowledge, tools and skills to understand, manage and make use of big data and smart digital solutions. Make effective and efficient business decisions that either solve existing business problems or create new business opportunities, and improve the performance of organizations.

  • This 60% online and 40% in-person (on Saturdays) work compatible program allowing professionals to earn their MSBA degree while working (most onsite classess will be offered on every other Saturday).
  • Trained and mentored by world-class faculty and experts from industry.
  • Unique, Hands-on Business Analytics Applied Project through Center for Business Analytics Virtual Digital Transformation Lab. From day one of the program, students will join a team to tackle a real-world business analytics project to have an opportunity to apply the concepts, principles and methods associated with business intelligence and analytics to solve real opportunities and/or complex business problems in an application domain associated with their area of interest.
  • Best of both worlds—quarterly on-campus sessions ensure networking opportunities while online classes give you the flexibility you need.

Program Highlights

The Milgard School of Business Interdisciplinary MSBA degree integrates STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) perspective into business education and analysis. It is designed to build your competency in:

  • Business: necessary skills for achieving organizational impact and competitive advantage with evidence-based decision making, including but not limited to strategic thinking, communication, project management, process optimization, business ethics, privacy and corporate citizenship
  • Data: core methods for acquiring, storing, handling and representing data, and how to convert that data to information, knowledge, and wisdom for desired outcomes
  • Analytics: core analytical, statistical and computational techniques, including data modeling and databases, regression and related statistical methods, data and text mining and cognitive analytics, and operations research methods
  • Practice: key insights that can be gained only through hands-on experience working with and implementing analytical projects in a business environment

Added advantage for international students is that the MSBA is a STEM-Designated Degree Program. Under this STEM classification, Milgard MSBA international students can qualify for a 24-month Optional Practical Training (OPT) Extension after graduation standard 12-month OPT to remain in the U.S. and receive training through work experience.

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Contact Information:  

Dr. Haluk Demirkan

Address: 1900 Commerce Street, Box 358420, Tacoma, Washington 98402

  • Associate Professor of Service Innovation and Business Analytics, Milgard School of Business
  • Director of Master of Science in Business Analytics Program
  • Director of Center for Business Analytics
  • Co-Founder & Board of Director, International Society of Service Innovation Professionals (
  • Track Chair for Analytics, Mobile & Service Science at HICSS (
  • Google Scholar (