Insurance Coverage

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Fleet Services Insurance Coverage


Motor Pool vehicles are self insured through the University of Washington for vehicle collisions. A collision insurance fee of $1.00 per day, per vehicle is added to the rental rates. The assessment of this fee creates a fund to pay for vehicle damages and replaces the previous policy of recharging collision damage back to the renting department. However, property damage sustained from a vehicle accident may be charged back to the responsible department.


The University of Washington maintains liability coverage for all University vehicles. This coverage protects authorized operators from claims of third parties for bodily injury or property damage, provided the vehicle was operated for and on behalf of the University, and was being operated within the scope of employees' duties.

Personal Injury

University employees, student employees, and authorized volunteers traveling on official University business are insured for any injuries under the Worker's Compensation Program. Students and passengers who are not University employees are not insured by the Worker's Compensation Program and are responsible for providing their own medical insurance.

Personal/UW/Grant Owned or On Loan Property

Fleet Services does not provide insurance coverage for personal/UW/Grant owned or On Loan property. If your department wishes to insure equipment, coverage may be obtained through the Equipment Insurance Program administered by the Office of Risk Management.

Outside Rental Agency Coverage

Go the to UW Travel Website to learn more about Insurance coverage for outside agency and UW Travel card rentals.