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On-Campus Parking

• Motor Pool vehicles and vehicles rented through the Motor Pool may be parked in designated "UWT Only" parking stalls without purchasing a UW parking permit. There are areas on campus where Motor Pool vehicles are not authorized to park. Parking in these areas may result in a parking citation.  These areas include:

• Areas with official signs prohibiting parking

• Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant

• In fire lanes

• Wheelchair and disability stalls and lots

• Lots and stalls specifically designated for other departments (e.g." University Police Vehicles Only”)

• “Restricted” stalls

• “Service Vehicle Only” stalls

• Load zones ( over the posted time period )

• In front of any gate, ramp, or other area where parking would block access. In these situations, the vehicle may be towed.

• Areas not designated for parking

Off Campus Parking

• When parking a vehicle off campus, the department is responsible for all parking fees.

• University vehicles are not exempt from parking fees in privately owned parking lots.

• Operators are personally responsible for parking violations and towing and/or storage resulting from parking violations.

• In the City of Seattle, University vehicles are exempt from paying parking meters for the extent of the meter. For example, if the meter is a 2-hour meter, a University vehicle may park without paying for 2 hours.  This arrangement is only valid in the City of Seattle and is not valid in other cities and communities (e.g. Olympia, Bothell and Tacoma).