Logo guidelines

Consistent use of logos, color palettes and typefaces helps to reinforce the university's image and brand standards. This leads to easy identification of publications that represent our campus by our internal and external audiences.

Best efforts should be made to ensure that these guidelines are followed and that brand standards are met.

Electronic files of the UW Tacoma logo are available for staff and faculty to use on the Share drive at S:/Everyone/Logos. Outside partners who need a copy of the logo should contact Marketing & Creative Services.

Use of the logo

For detailed guidelines on how to use the logo, along with color specifications and other style guidelines, please read the Signature Logo System guidelines (PDF).

You are also welcome to contact Marketing & Creative Services for assistance with logos. We are happy to work with you to provide the proper logo sized to fit your needs.

General guidelines

  • Do not change the proportions of the logo by stretching or squeezing it to fit a space.
  • Do not incorporate other elements into the logo, apply patterns or textures to it, or in any other way modify the appearance of the logo.
  • Do not attempt to redraw or recreate the logo using other fonts.
  • Do not use the logo in any color other than purple (PMS 273), black, white or gray.

Guide to appropriate UW Tacoma logos
UW Tacoma square logo

UW Tacoma horizontal logo

Current logo
You can use either the square or horizontal versions of the logo. Other variations may be possible, contact Marketing & Creative Services for more information.

Electronic files of these logos are available for staff and faculty to use on the Share drive at S:/Everyone/Logos.

A signature system that incorporates your department or unit name is available upon request.

UW Seal University seal
The university seal is reserved for official business and formal events as designated by the Chancellor or President. It is not used for marketing or advertising purposes.
Husky logo Husky logo
The Husky logo is a trademark reserved for use by UW Athletics. It may not appear on anything related to UW Tacoma without written permission from UW Athletics.