Mission and Vision

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Our Mission

The Milgard School of Business cultivates business leaders through cutting edge and personally accessible education, diverse scholarly exploration, and innovative community engagement while promoting social responsibility. We inspire students to become lifelong learners.

Our Vision

The Milgard School of Business transforms our communities through innovative thinking, compassionate leadership, and exemplary stakeholder engagement.

Strategic Goals

  • Use high impact practices (https://www.aacu.org/leap/hips) to deliver on the promise of a transformational learning experience for students
  • Create and disseminate knowledge through diverse intellectual contributions
  • Offer distinctive programs and centers responsive to community needs and market demands
  • Equip students for meaningful and successful careers
  • Cultivate alumni to serve as ambassadors supporting the business community, one another and the school
  • Invest in faculty and staff to optimize the potential in their careers and contributions to the school
  • Bolster an inclusive culture built on trust, respect, collaboration and constructive dialogue