Professionalism Week Events Registration

Please complete this form carefully: all event materials will be generated using the information you provide.

Complete and submit one form per person.  After you've submitted your registration you have the opportunity to pay for your Etiquette Dinner ticket (if applicable) via PayPal.

Unpaid registrations will not be allowed entry to the Etiquette Dinner and will not be eligible to receive free business cards. No payments will be accepted on-site at the dinner. 

If you elect to pay by phone or in person (rather than via PayPal), payment is due within 1 business day of your registration.

Cost to attend the Etiquette Dinner for UWT students is $15 per person. 

Cancellation policy

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ETIQUETTE DINNER ATTENDEES: Let us know about any food allergies or religious restrictions. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.
Please select an entree ONLY if you will attend the Etiquette Dinner
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