CSR Business Conference

8:45-9:30  Opening Keynote – Setting the Tone from the Top

9:45-10:45  Research Presentation - The Edelman Trust Barometer

Liz Gorman, Senior Vice President, Business + Social Purpose

11:00-12:00  Panel Discussion #1 – Employee Engagement…Why?

Engaging employees has become the “holy grail” of many CSR programs. Why is that, and how can we do it better? This panel will explore the multiple answers to these questions from a few different perspectives, and will feature speakers from Edelman, Starbucks, PayPal, and Glassybaby.

12:00-1:30  Luncheon – Subaru Loves the Earth, a Facilitated Conversation

  • Bridget Hanrahan, Marketing Manager, Subaru of America
  • Josh Chaitin, Founder & CEO, Tin Can Strategies

1:30-2:30  Breakout Roundtable Discussions

These moderated roundtable discussions will engage attendees in discussing hands-on strategies for advancing CSR initiatives within their firms. 

  1. ESG Metrics and Measurement
  2. Employee Engagement: Diverse Tactics for a Diverse Workforce
  3. Unusual and Unexpected Partnerships
  4. Beyond the Basics: CSR 102

2:45-3:45  Panel Discussion #2 – Building A Sustainable CSR Eco-System

Good Business can grow and thrive by helping the world around them adopt sustainable practices, and by engaging their own customers and followers in stewardship. The most effective partnerships can help to create a world that is regenerative and supportive. Panelists representing The Mountaineers, REI, MIIR, and Zip Car will discuss how we can create an eco-system that that will protect, enhance and create greater access to the outdoors for the long-term. 

4:00-4:45  Closing Keynote

4:45-6:00  Networking Reception

Highlights from our March 2016 conference.