Dropping a Course & Repeats

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Dropping a Course

Students dropping a course during the first two weeks of a quarter shall have no entry on their permanent academic transcript unless they do a complete withdrawal from the university. If a student drops all his or her courses, a complete withdrawal date is recorded on the transcript. A course drop made during the third through the seventh week of the quarter will be recorded on an undergraduate student’s transcript with a W grade and a number designating the week of the quarter in which the course was dropped. Students may drop only one course each academic year (autumn through summer quarters) from the third through the seventh week of the quarter. This is referred to as the “annual drop”

To drop a course officially, a student must complete the transaction electronically using MyUW or submit a drop card in the Office of the Registrar. A student who drops a course unofficially (only through the instructor or advisor, for example) is given a grade of 0.0. Students receiving financial aid or veterans benefits should check with those offices before dropping a class because it may affect financial aid eligibility and future funding. Students should be aware that dropping a course may affect their student account. Please see the Tuition and Fees section of this catalog. During summer quarter, the timeline for dropping a course is abbreviated due to the shortened session. Please consult the Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Courses Dropped in Error

Courses dropped in error before the third week of the quarter must be re-added on MyUW. If a course is dropped in error after the beginning of the third week of the quarter, you may request to have the course re-added and the “W” removed from your record. This request must be received by the Office of the Registrar WITHIN THREE (3) WORKING DAYS FROM THE DROP DATE. You will be charged the original $20 change fee for the drop, but will not be charged an additional $20 change fee to have the course re-added. Download the Registration Transaction Form.

Repeating Courses

With the approval of the academic department offering the course, a student may repeat a course once. Both the original grade and the second grade will be computed in the grade-point average but credit will be allowed only once. Entry codes may be required to repeat a course.

A second repeat (taking a class for a third-or greater-time) cannot be done using MyUW. A second repeat requires the Registration Office to register you into the course.  Grades in the third or subsequent takings will not be included in the grade-point average (GPA).

Veterans receiving benefits must receive approval from the veterans coordinator in the Office of Veteran and Military Services before a course is repeated.