Safety Escort

For your safety, UW Tacoma encourages students, faculty, staff and visitors to use the Safety Escort service. Campus Safety Officers are available to walk with you to your car or other campus destinations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The service is free of charge. During busy periods, Campus Security Officers may ask you to meet in a common location to facilitate escorting multiple people.

Dial 253-692-4416 to request a Security Escort

Campus Security Officers cannot leave the UW Tacoma campus boundaries (between S. 17th and S. 21st Streets and Pacific and Tacoma Avenues). If you have parked at the Tacoma Dome Station garage, officers can walk with you to the Link light-rail train, but cannot ride with you to the garage. If you need a Security Officer to walk with you off campus we can contact BIA security officers to meet you on campus and walk with  you to your car within the downtown core between Tacoma Ave. and Dock St., S.25th St. and S. 4th St.