Services and Activities Fee Committee (SAFC)

Committee Overview

The Services and Activities Fee Committee (SAFC) is appointed by the chancellor. Student members of the SAFC set the amount of the SAF and recommend what services the fee will fund. The SAFC includes seven students, four non-voting ex officio members and a compliance officer.

SAFC Appointment Process

The UW Tacoma chancellor appoints student members of the SAFC. Every year the ASUWT invites students to apply to serve on the SAFC, interviews applicants and recommends committee members to the chancellor.

SAFC members gain in-depth knowledge and experience about budgeting, university administration, group decision making and communications. Past members say it is a rewarding volunteer opportunity to serve the campus community while ensuring that student fees are spent appropriately.

If you are interested in serving on the committee, please contact the ASUWT president . In order to be considered, you must be able to attend all SAFC meetings.

Current SAF Committee Members

  • TJ (Timothy) Estes
  • Rebecca Hanson
  • Nicholas Fincher
  • Ameez Khan 
  • April Lai
  • Diamond Maggo 
  • Shooq Alhathelool
  • Ara Papyan

Ex Officio Members

  • D.C. Grant, Faculty Ex-Officio
  • Emmett Kang, ASUWT Ex-Officio
  • Kathleen Farrell, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Services & Administration (Compliance Officer)
  • Ed Mirecki, Dean for Student Engagement, Ex-Officio
  • Jan Rutledge, Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance, Ex-Officio

To contact SAFC, email or phone 253-692-5728.


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