Meet Career Development Staff

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Career Development staff are committed to supporting students in their professional and personal endeavors, and to serving employers and the UW Tacoma campus community.

Assistant Director
Career Development and Education

Phone: 253-692-4835

Dawn holds a M.A. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Saint Thomas in Minneapolis, MN. She has lived in Washington for 10+ years and has career development experience in both university and community college settings. Dawn is passionate about helping students successfully transition from college to career. Dawn is a current board member of the Washington Career Development Association.

Career Development Specialist

Phone: 253-692-5970

Beverly joins UW Tacoma staff from the Tacoma Community House, where she created and facilitated preparation courses for employment. Before moving to Tacoma, she worked in higher education for 10+ years within career services, social justice, community development, and AmeriCorps. She enjoys empowering individuals to explore and connect their passions to their professions. Beverly holds an M.Ed in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in higher Education.

Employer Relations Manager

Phone: 253-692-4837

Having masterminded and executed successful win-win talent-pipeline partnerships in both the academia and corporate environment, Mine earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Washington State University and draws from 10+ years of experiences to incorporate the “human” element into recruiting through innovative and data-driven strategies and relationships. Known as a disruptor of outdated recruiting strategies, Mine is BOUNDLESS in his vision and quest. He continuously adapts and pushes the status quo to ensure the full potential of all his stakeholders, from students to Fortune 10.

Career Preparation Consultant (CPC)


Erynn is a Junior majoring in Psychology and minoring in both Criminal Justice and American Sign Language. As a First Generation college student, she strives to fight every obstacle in her way, as well as trying to help others with any difficulties that they might be experiencing . Erynn has been in customer service for years and is prepared to extend her knowledge and experience to her fellow UW Tacoma classmates.

Career Preparation Consultant (CPC)


Katherine Felts is a Senior majoring in Gender Studies. She has worked in Career Development at UW Tacoma for a year and hopes to continue the work when she graduates. UW Tacoma is the third college she has attended and will pursue graduate school. Her main goal before leaving UW Tacoma is to help other introverted or anxious students find ways to feel confident networking and attending job fairs. Her favorite thing about UW Tacoma is the people she’s been lucky enough to meet.

Career Preparation Consultant (CPC)


Subhleen is a third-year student here at University of Washington. She was born and raised in India. Her family moved to United States of America eight years ago in 2010. Currently, she’s pursuing a degree in finance from Milgard School of Business through the Student Direct Program. She aspires to be a successful business professional. To reach this goal, Subhleen is getting a high quality education here at UW Tacoma, and seeks to pursue an MBA that will eventually mark the beginning of the path to her ultimate destination.

Marketing Assistant


Melissa is the daughter of a retired Chief Warrant Officer of the U.S. Navy. Originally from Bremerton, Washington, she spent the last 11 years living overseas and receiving her education through the Department of Defense Education Activity. Living overseas led Melissa to develop a deep passion and respect for cultural-awareness, diversity and equality. She is currently pursuing a degree in Business Management through the Freshman Direct Program at the Milgard School of Business, and hopes to work for the U.S. Embassy or climb her way through the corporate ladder.