Fieldwork planning process, timeline and follow-up

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Fieldwork / T NURS 503

Responsibilities of faculty, students, and staff in the fieldwork planning process:

Quarter before student begins fieldwork
  1. E-mail sent to MN line about planning fieldwork.
  2. Students complete Student Survey for Advanced Fieldwork form indicating interests, site, and fieldwork facilitator of choice and sends to fieldwork coordinator.
  3. Student obtains committee chair (or curriculum option faculty) approval for fieldwork placement.
  4. Fieldwork coordinator confirms with student’s chair or curriculum option faculty about the appropriateness of the placement.
  5. Fieldwork coordinator contacts sites (e-mail and phone; sometimes a personal visit may be conducted) and confirms with fieldwork facilitator; confirms active affiliation agreement in place.
  6. Clinical clearances are completed PRIOR to student receiving entry code for course; UW Tacoma Nursing Program staff manage this.
Five weeks before fieldwork quarter begins
  1. Fieldwork coordinator sends letters to the site confirming and introducing course faculty
  2. Student sets up a time to meet with committee chair or curriculum option faculty to discuss learning objectives and potential activities.
  3. Student obtains confirmation from committee chair or curriculum option faculty (e-mail) approval for placement and objectives and forwards to fieldwork coordinator and TNURS 503 course faculty.
  4. Course faculty compiles packet of information on each student, including:
    • Student’s interest form
    • Letter sent to site
    • List of fieldwork facilitators
  5. Students’ fieldwork files are located in Nursing program office.
Week before through the first week of the quarter Course faculty contacts fieldwork facilitator by phone or e-mail to check-in and reconfirm placement.
Week 5 of the quarter Course faculty checks in with fieldwork facilitator. Site visits are always welcomed but may be difficult to arrange.
Week 9-10 of quarter
  1. Course faculty sends thank-you letter and evaluation form to the fieldwork facilitator. Include self-addressed stamped envelope for facilitator to return the form by end of Week 10 of the quarter; if student is using the same site for both quarters of fieldwork, the letter may be delayed until week 10 of the second quarter of fieldwork. (NOTE: there are now different forms for Nurse Educators, Clinical Nurse Leaders, and community or leadership).
  2. Course faculty has students complete site evaluations(see sample and available on S:drive.)
After quarter ends Student folders given to staff to be filed in the Nursing program office.

(12/7/04, rev 6/7/05, 3/14/06, 8/22/06, 1/29/07)