Graduation requirements: MN

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To qualify for graduation with a Master of Nursing from the University of Washington Tacoma, students must complete all of the following requirements:

Application for Graduation

  1. You will need to apply online with the Graduate School  for the master's degree during the first six weeks of the final quarter in which you wish to graduate. Ordinarily, you will not be reminded to do this so it is your responsibility. Failure to complete the online application will result in being required to register for the next quarter.
  2. All requirements for the degree must be met by the end of the current quarter if the application is to be approved. The applicant is notified of deficiencies by the Graduate School.
  3. The Warrant is issued by the Graduate School to the Graduate Nursing Advisor.
  4. The Graduate Nursing Advisor gives the Warrant to the Supervisory Committee for signature at the final exam.

Final Examination

During the quarter in which you expect to complete your project, thesis, or course work option and graduate, your final examination will be arranged. According to University of Washington Graduate School Policy, the final examination may be written or oral and must be passed.

The chairperson (with the assistance of the Graduate Program Coordinator) arranges the time and place of the final examination, the results of which must be reported to the Graduate School by the last day of the quarter in which degree requirements are met. The Chairperson and committee members must sign the master's application (Warrant).

Revised November 7, 2006