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How to find BSN electives

Undergraduate students take two required upper-division (300 or 400-level) electives. Students may use electives to meet General Education Requirement deficiencies. Students are sometimes deficient in Individuals and Societies (I&S) or Visual, Literary and Performing Arts (VLPA) or Natural World (NW) credits at the time of admission.

Students can confirm deficiencies on MyUW via: Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS). VLPA is the example used below.

STEP ONE The simplest way to find classes is to use the Time Schedule Quick Search.

  • Choose Academic Quarter
  • Indicate “Upper Division” for Course Level
  • Select “Visual, Literary and Performing Arts (VLPA)” for Area of Knowledge
  • Check “Show only OPEN classes”
  • Click “Find Classes”

Each available course is a hyperlink to the course description, which will list any prerequisites. Note the courses of interest. This will be something like TPSYCH 405 or T HLTH 320.

STEP TWO Choose the appropriate quarter on the Registration & Courses page.

Find the link to that quarters Time Schedule. Using the courses of interest noted in Step One above, locate those by academic program and course prefix (T HLTH, T FILM, etc.) and click to display classes. Be aware that some electives may have Enrollment Restrictions, which are noted in the Time Schedule. Click any course’s five-digit Schedule Line Number (SLN) for additional information. Provided all Enrollment Restrictions are met, note the SLN, which is required for registration.

STEP THREE Log in to MyUW at: myuw.washington.edu/

  • Choose “Registration” from the Quick Links section
  • Verify the registration quarter and your address
  • You must answer the short series of questions, such as if you want ASUWT membership (you cannot advance to the registration screen if this step is skipped); click “Return to Registration”
  • Enter the SLN for selected elective; leave all other fields blank unless elective requires an Add Code (most electives do not)
  • Click “Update Schedule”
  • Successful registration will be displayed on next screen “Class Schedule”

How to register for classes

University of Washington Tacoma students register online using MyUW. However, before you register:

  • Review the instructions below and know your registration period.
  • Take care of all University financial obligations. Not doing so could result in holds on your account that will not permit you to register.
  • Gather your course selections, Add Codes (if your selections require any), and Schedule Line Numbers (SLNs) for each class you plan to take.

Remember, you must register for at least one class before the quarter begins or you will be subject to a $25 late registration fee. Once you have initially registered, you can log in to MyUW to your confirmed class schedule, add or drop courses, or check your account balance.

How to run a 'Degree Audit Reporting System' (DARS)

The Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) produces a report reflecting academic progress toward completion of an undergraduate degree in your declared or proposed major. The DARS report, or degree audit, shows how your University of Washington courses, transfer courses, and courses in progress apply toward degree requirements. The Degree Audit Report is an internal document. It should be used as a tool to assist you and your adviser in planning your future coursework. It is not an official certification of your academic record. To learn how to run a DARS click here.

If you have questions about requirements in the audit, please contact Lindsey McBride. If you have a technical question, please contact the DARS Office at (206) 616-3483.

​Excel Resources

Want to advance your Excel skills?

The links below contain UW Bothell Excel turtorials, Microsoft Excel YouTube tutorials, and schedules of tutors in the Teaching and Learning Center who are proficient in excel.

  • UW Tacoma Teaching and Learning Center - Quantitative Skills Excel Tutors
    Carter Odem
    Kamalpreet Singh

    View tutors SCHEDULE          
  • UW Bothell Tutorials
    In the form of interactive worksheets, instructional videos, links, and written instructions in excel.
  • YouTube Excel Tutorials

Writing Resources

Want to advance your writing skills?

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material and is a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue. Students, members of the community, and users worldwide will find information to assist with many writing projects.

Use MyUW

You may access MyUW directly at: myuw.washington.edu. In the Quick Links section, locate and click on Registration. Confirm the correct quarter. To progress to the registration screen, you must verify your address and answer short series of questions.

Links to the Time Schedule are found under Registration Resources. Clicking on one of these links opens another window. You may then check the Time Schedule and toggle windows back to Registration to enter the courses you are requesting.

When you are finished, click on Update Schedule. Your selections are scheduled only if all sections chosen are available and there are no restrictions (such as prerequisites) that prevent you from registering. Messages will appear on the right side of the screen to alert you to any problems. Make any necessary revisions and resubmit.

One of the many useful functions in MyUW is the ability to display your quarterly class schedule in a calendar format. From Personal Services in MyUW, select Visual Schedule from the list of services. Schedule Finder can help you build a schedule based on class and time preferences.

Other MyUW Features

  • Find your current account balance
  • Get a summary of disbursed financial aid and aid-check availability
  • Determine if outside lender loan funds are available
  • Get the latest recorded student account payment
  • Apply for short-term loans
  • Check your grades and print out unofficial transcripts. MyUW will list all officially recorded grades for the most recently completed quarter approximately one week after the end of final examinations.