Petitioning Advanced Mathematics admission requirement

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Requirements for admission to the BSN program include a course in advanced mathematics. While applicants to the BSN program complete intermediate algebra as well as a course in statistics, many may not have also completed an additional course in advanced mathematics. If you have not completed a course in advanced math, you may petition to waive this requirement.

A petition is a written request that provides evidence to support the request. In the case of the advanced math, a petition to waive that requirement would provide evidence that you have acquired knowledge and skill of advanced math by some mechanism other than an advanced math course. 

For example, you might provide evidence from the statistics course you completed that indicates you can use principles usually learned in an advanced math course. You could also provide principles of advanced math applied in your nursing practice or other activities. Some examples are listed below.

  • Statistics required you to use concepts of advanced math:
    Logic, set theory, Venn diagrams
    Matrix applications
  • Advanced math concepts are used in your daily activity as a registered nurse, for example:
    Drip calculations
    Dosage calculations
    Converting units of measurements
    Tube-feeding ratios
    Titrating medications
  • You use other advanced math concepts such as:
    Functions and their graphs
    Mathematical models
    Compound interest 

Your evidence is best presented in an organized manner. Indicate when you completed intermediate algebra as well as statistics. Your petition must include 2 to 3 mathematical calculations as well as providing specific examples of how you use/have used principles of advanced math. 


Once admitted print and complete the Petition to the BSN Admissions Committee, attach pages as necessary, and submit your petition to the Nursing and Healthcare Leadership program.