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The Nursing and Healthcare Leadership staff each have specific departmental roles as listed below. Nan West has an overview of everyone's current workload, so please channel requests for staff support to her for assignment.

For questions about... Contact
Access keycards Nan West
Admissions BSN - Jessica Immerman
HCL - Jessica Immerman
MN - Dannah Madden
Agency agreements Nan West
Bus Passes U-PASS
Business cards Nathan Ketzner
Classroom requests Jessica Immerman
Classroom technology and support Call 253-692-4419 or email Media Services at tacmedia@uw.edu to arrange a brief orientation
Clerical support requests Nan West
Computer support Email tachelp@uw.edu or visit IT help desk
Conference registration or reimbursements Nathan Ketzner
Course evaluations Sheri Burden
Course scheduling Jessica Immerman
Curriculum changes and new course proposals Jessica Immerman
Directory updates Sheri Burden
Email list serves - BSN, MN & HCL Jessica Immerman
Fieldwork (MN) Doris Cumings
Final exam schedule See Final Exam Schedule
Food policies Nan West
GradeBook See GradeBook Help Center
Grade changes See Change Submitted Grade
Key requests Jessica Immerman
Library reserves Faculty course reserves
Mail (U.S. and campus) Sheri Burden
Media requests (check out materials) Library Media Collection Information for Faculty
Meeting room reservations Sheri Burden
NetID support IT Connect accounts and passwords
Parking (quarterly or annual permits) Administrative Services website
Parking passes (for guests or pass for UWS) Sheri Burden or Nathan Ketzner
Workday & Payroll issues/questions Nan West or Jessica Immerman
Promotion and tenure Sharon Gavin Fought or Nan West
Publications by faculty (for kudos on Nursing website and Newsletter Sheri Burden
Purchasing permission or reimbursement Nan West or Nathan Ketzner
Recruiting Dannah Madden
Student Advising Dannah Madden (MN) & Lindsey McBride (BSN, HCL)
Supplies Sheri Burden or Nathan Ketzner
Syllabi Jessica Immerman
Textbooks - desk copies or purchases Nathan Ketzner
Textbooks - quarterly orders University Book Store & Nathan Ketzner (resource)
Time sheets Nan West
Travel questions or reimbursement Nan West or Nathan Ketzner
Website Sheri Burden



Nursing staff

Nan West - Program Administrator
Sheri Burden - Office Assistant
Jessica Immerman - Program Coordinator
Nathan Ketzner - Program Coordinator
Dannah Madden - Advisor
Lindsey McBride - Undergraduate Advisor
Dorris Cumings - Clinical Placement Coordinator