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Congratulations on your acceptance to UW Tacoma Undergraduate First-Year and Undergraduate Transfer Students. We're so happy to invite you to become a UW Tacoma Husky!

Please follow the information below for next steps to complete your enrollment.

Please Note: Your admission offer will not transfer to a future quarter, if you cannot attend UW Tacoma for the quarter for which you have been offered admission, you will need to contact the admissions office about your options.

TO ACCEPT your offer of admission, and hold your space at UW Tacoma, you must submit your non-refundable New Student Enrollment  & Orientation Fee (NSEOF) of $100 online. (You may also pay by cash at the Cashier's Office in Carlton 400.)

TO DECLINE your offer of admission to the University of Washington Tacoma, you may use the online NSEOF link to submit your decision.

Enrollment Confirmation FAQs

Set up Your UW Account: 

You will need to establish an account (a user name and password) that will allow you access to the MyUW system and many UW online resources that are required in order to sign up for orientation, register for classes, pay your tuition and set up your UW email account.

Step 1 - Have your UW online application username and password ready

Find the username and password you used recently to apply online to UW Tacoma. You will need them to create your official UW account. in step 2.

You can make sure you have the correct username and password by trying to login again to your online application account. If successful, you will see your online application activity page. Then return to this page and proceed to step 2.

Step 2 - Start the UW account creation process

Set up your official UW account (UW NetID) now

After you have completed the set up process, we invite you to log into MyUW, your personal gateway to the University of Washington Tacoma.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t remember my online application username or password.

You will need the username and password you used to submit your online application in order to create your official UW account. If you forgot your online application username or password, use the links provided above to get help.

I’m using the right username and password from my online application but I’m not able to create my UW account.

You must use the username and password from the account you used when you submitted your first online application to the UW. This can be a little tricky if you applied to more than one campus of the UW -- Bothell, Seattle, Tacoma -- and you used different online accounts through CollegeNet.

Do I need a system key and Private Access Code (PAC)?

No, you do not need a system key or PAC. Only those who submitted a paper application or who are unable to create their account with their online application username and password will receive a system key and PAC. Those applicants will receive instructions in the mail about how to set up their account.

I reset my online application password

If you reset your online application password, you can still proceed through steps 1 and 2. Double check that you have the correct username and password by logging back into your online application account activity. Once you can log in successfully, proceed to step 2.

I applied online and have the right login info but can't proceed.

If you know you applied online and you are using the correct username and password but cannot complete step 2, please contact the Office of Admissions.

I already have a UW account (UW NetID).

If you already have an account, please continue with this setup process. There will be a moment during the setup process where you will be asked if you already have a UW NetID. Answer "Yes" and proceed through the rest of the setup questions.

I already have a UW account (UW NetID) and forgot my UW NetID password.

If you already have a UW NetID and you forgot your password then you will need to reset it. Go to the UW NetID password reset page. Enter in your UW NetID username and then choose a method to verify your identity. If you choose "Your UW Online Applicant for Admission Identity", then you will be asked to provide your online application username and password.

I already have a UW account (UW NetID) and forgot my UW NetID username.

If you already have a UW NetID and you forgot your username, you will need to retrieve it. Go to the UW NetID username retrieval page. Verify your identity by providing your online application username and password. Once successful, you will see your UW NetID displayed at the top of the page.

Provide your Immunization Verification Record:

New requirements for newly enrolled matriculated students entering Autumn 2019 and Later:

The requirements for students who are matriculating Autumn 2019 or later have changed. Please review the changes on the Hall Health Center link here and scroll down to the What is the Requirement? section.

For newly enrolled matriculated students for Autumn 2018 through Summer 2019:

You are required to provide proof of measles (rubeola) immunity. Students must submit measles verification no later than week 3 of their first quarter of attendance or a hold will be placed, which will prevent future registration until they have satisfied this requirement.

Instructions and requirements are detailed on the Measles Immunity Verification form.

The UW Tacoma Registrar's Office recommends that students turn in their immunization records as soon as possible to avoid delays in registering in the future; you should return the Immunization Verification form before you arrive on campus to begin attending classes. Once you have provided the Office of the Registrar with your immunization records, please allow 2-3 days for processing.

Learn more about immunization requirements

Sign Up to Attend Orientation:

Please visit the Orientation website to sign up to attend a session. New undergraduate students are required to attend one of the Student Orientation Programs.  You must attend an Orientation prior to receiving your Husky ID card. Husky ID cards are issued at the end of Orientation. 

For questions regarding New Student Orientation, please contact the Office of Student Transition Programs at 253-692-4421 or at

Get Your Husky ID Card at Orientation!

You will be able to get your Husky ID card on or after you attend an orientation program. Undergraduate students who have completed an online orientation may get their Husky ID cards at the Office of the Registrar, located in MAT 253. 

Learn More

When you have accomplished these items, return to the Registration & Courses page for further academic planning and registration information.