When to Register for Classes

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Registration Periods

Students must register for at least one class before the quarter begins. A $25 late registration fee is charged to students who have not registered for at least one course before the first day of the quarter.

Who is Eligblie to Register for Registration Period I?

  • Continuing students: This period is open only for continuing matriculated students who were enrolled for the previous quarter, or for students who completed the quarter prior to the previous quarter.
  • Students who have applied to Graduate, with Graduating Senior Priority: If you are a graduating senior or post-baccalaureate student with a degree application on file in the Graduation Office, you may register on the first day of Period I during your final two quarters. If you must postpone your graduation, you may save your priority quarters by not registering before your regular senior priority day. When you have used your Graduating Senior Priority for two quarters, you will revert to regular senior priority.
  • Veterans may also receive Veterans Registration Priority: Continuing students with veteran status may register on the first day of Period I registration. Students who are not currently receiving veterans benefits will need to provide proof of veteran status to the Office of the Veteran and Military Services.

Who is Eligible to Registrer for Registration Period II?

  • New Students & Returning Re-enrolled Students: This period is primarily for newly admitted and returning re-enrolled students. Registration materials are mailed to newly admitted or re-admitted students. You may register on or after the Period II regsitration date. Continuing students may register on MyUW any day during this period.

Who is Eligible to Register for Classes at Registration Period III?

  • Non-matriculated Students & Schedule Changes - This period is open to all students for late registration, course adds and drops. This is also the only period that non-matriculated students can register. Courses dropped during this period will not appear on your transcript through the 2nd week of the quarter. Registration and other fees may apply, check with the Office of the Registrar for questions.

Note: If you are receiving Tuition Exemption or are an access student, you will need to wait until your regsitration date during the first week of the quarter to register for classes. See the Academic Calendar at the top of this page for specific dates. 

Registering for Courses During the Late Add Period

This period is open to all students. All courses added during this period require an entry code or faculty number. A $20 change of registration fee will be charged for all registration changes made on a single day. The last day of this period is the last day to add a course or credits. Entry codes will be canceled at 1 p.m. on that day.

Dropping Courses During the Unrestricted Drop Period

This period is open to all students. Courses dropped during this period will not appear on your transcript, but are subject to a $20 change of registration fee and tuition forfeiture.

Dropping a Course During the Late Course Drop Period (Annual Drop)

Students may drop one course each academic year (autumn through summer quarters) after the 14th calendar day of a quarter through the seventh week. If used this quarter, no additional courses may be dropped after the 14th calendar day until the next autumn quarter. A "W" and a number indicating the week you dropped the course will follow the course title on your academic transcript. A $20 change of registration fee will be charged and partial or full tuition is forfeited. These optional drops are not cumulative.