Office of Research

Our Mission

As an urban-serving university, the UW Tacoma aims to "foster scholarship, research, and creativity to address the challenging problems of our time and place."  In its 2016 Strategic Plan, the UW Tacoma identifies as a key priority to "expand and support a range of research, scholarship and creative activity."

To serve these ends, the Office of Research works with campus partners to:

  • Raise the profile of research, scholarship, and creative activities across the campus and in the community;
  • Assist UW Tacoma faculty to pursue externally sponsored research funding;
  • Promote the professional development of faculty through workshops that help faculty in all aspects of their research, scholarship, and creative activities;
  • Support student research experiences
  • Help the faculty to partner with public agencies and community groups in the mutual pursuit of publicly-engaged scholarship.

Office of Research 2016-2017 annual report cover page  Fiscal Year 2017 Office of Research Annual Report



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The Office of Research provides support to faculty in all aspects of developing and nurturing individual and collaborative interests in specific research areas and scholarships. Under the leadership of Dr. Turan Kayaoglu, our office offers a flexible and effective infrastructure staffed with an experienced team to meet campus research needs.

Turan Kayaoglu, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Research
West Coast Grocery 410

Lisa Isozaki
Research Administrator
Tioga Library Building 307c

Kara Luckey, Ph.D.
Research Development Consultant
Tioga Library Building 307c

JoAnn Kocha
Program Coordinator
Tioga Library Building 307c

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