PPPA Internships

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PPPA offers several unique and career-enhancing internship opportunities for our students, which integrate academic studies with practical, real-world experiences—often acting as launching pads for careers.

Students can learn about government and policy-making at the federal, state or local levels in an applied setting, while gaining hands-on experience through direct participation in, and broad exposure to, the political process or legal system.

Two internship options—TPOLS 496 and TPOLS 497—offer between five and 15 credits.  Each fulfills your five-credit PP&E or Law and Policy capstone requirement.

TPOLS 496 is a competitive internship program available to you as an advanced PP&E or Law and Policy student, allowing you to participate in internships related to government, political campaigns or public policy during the fall, winter or spring quarter.

TPOLS 497  is an internship opportunity open to all UW Tacoma students during the winter quarter. Selected interns will work in Olympia as staff for a member of the Washington State Legislature. Approximately 70 students from around the state are selected for this legislative internship annually.

Use the PPPA Learning Agreement for PPPA internships. For more internship opportunities visit the SIAS Internship page.


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