March 2010

Learn Spanish in the heart of Mexico this summer through UW Tacoma's language immersion program in Cuernacava, Mexico, starting June 14. The program, which is open to 18 undergraduate and graduate students from any UW campus, offers Spanish language classes at all levels, promoting conversational language skills while exposing students to Mexican culture and traditions. The priority application date is April 2.

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Environmental Science faculty members John "Buck" Banks and Jim Gawel are in Kenya with undergraduates during the month of February to study sustainability and conservation in a developing country.

We finished up another terrific week at A Rocha with a series of student presentations, another pre-dawn trip into Arabuko-Sokoke forest to do some more bird mist-nesting, a mid-day visit to nearby Mida Creek (a highly productive inlet off of the Indian Ocean that regularly harbors tens of thousands of shorebirds, many of them long-distance migrants from Europe and Asia), and late-night turtle patrols.

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