July 2014

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday I received word that my Gilman Scholarship documents were all approved and I will be receiving my scholarship shortly. This is very welcome news as the prices of apartments in Chengdu are rising quickly I hear.

One thing I wanted to mention to anyone that will be going to Asia is something none of the guidebooks mention but my Taiwanese exchange student brought up. When traveling or staying in Asia bring your own personal tissue. Even in America she would carry around the small packages of Kleenex or other soft tissues out of habit. Most public restrooms in Asia don't provide it and frankly I don't want to be the one without :) Yes, this does seem like odd advice but I was grateful to Olivia for the info and I hope it will benefit others to put this out there.

I have one month left before I depart to Shanghai and as I learn things I will pass them on.