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CIEE just announced the launch of its Global Access Initiative (GAIN), which is designed to overcome the main barriers to study abroad, namely, challenges of cost and curriculum requirements. GAIN is intended to expand the opportunities for students from all backgrounds and all majors to participate in study abroad programs.

Through GAIN, CIEE is committing one million dollars each year to students who are economically challenged, are pursuing intensive international experiences, or are otherwise limited by their major or student activities. CIEE will provide grants and scholarships to students for full-year, semester, and summer programs.

GAIN is set to launch the summer of 2012, providing access to study abroad programs for students unable to attend due to financial constraints. Grants and scholarships are planned for 36 CIEE summer programs (offered in 21 countries). GAIN is also meant to provide grants and scholarships to students who are selected as awardees by the highly respected Benjamin A. Gilman and David L. Boren Scholarship programs.

According to CIEE, research shows that students who participate in study abroad programs graduate faster, experience benefits in career development, and find their overall experience to be the single most positive element of their time in college. CIEE created GAIN to ensure that study abroad is available to all students.

Info on CIEE: For nearly 65 years, CIEE has been the leader in providing access to high quality study abroad programs around the world. Today, with 136 programs in 41 countries, CIEE offers more summer, semester, and year-long academic programs in more cities than any other international education organization and is committed to offering high quality programs that are available to every student, regardless of economic means or academic major.

For more information on GAIN, contact CIEE at website.


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