Welcome to Postcards, UW Tacoma's new blog by and about faculty and students traveling, studying and exploring the world. In Postcards, you’ll find journal entries from faculty and students traveling abroad, writing and taking photos as they experience new places.

For months, we've been collecting entries from faculty members Bill Kunz and Sian Davies-Vollum, and even a few from IAS senior Marisa Petrich, and we've posted them all here in chronological order. Go back and read them all together, or click on "Search by blogger" or "Search by country" up top. You can also search for a term that interests you, subscribe to the RSS feed or just browse. There’s something interesting around every corner.

As we build out the blog and include more bloggers, the content will become richer and even more varied. We welcome your comments on the individual entries or about the blog itself.

Faculty, staff and students: If you are planning a study or research trip abroad and you'd like to blog for us, email us at uwtnews@uw.edu. We'd love to help you share your adventures.


Good luck, and you might want to change the favicon from the drupal default to a stamp or something.


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