At UW Tacoma, we try to take a global perspective on our studies. It’s built into our interdisciplinary courses, our Global Honors program and our international studies program. There’s no better way to develop a global outlook than to travel the world. At any given time, UW Tacoma faculty and students can be found all over the globe — working, studying and experiencing cultures of places very different from home.

In Postcards, you’ll find journal entries from faculty and students traveling abroad, writing and taking photos as they explore new places. You can read their entries in chronological order (with everyone all mixed together), or see all of one blogger’s entries, or all the blogs from a particular country. You can also search for a term that interests you, subscribe to the RSS feed or just browse. There’s something interesting around every corner.

As we build out the blog and include more bloggers, the content will become richer and even more varied. We welcome your comments on the individual entries or about the blog itself.