The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is pleased to announce that for summer 2012 we will again offer three internship programs: RISE (Research Internships in Science and Engineering), RISE professional, and RISE worldwide. RISE has established itself as an outstanding opportunity to combine serious research with a rewarding study-abroad experience. All three programs are targeted to students from the fields of engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, earth sciences (geology) and related disciplines.

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This course will explore different dimensions of a global and cosmopolitan citizenship by offering students an opportunity to live and learn in the historical city of Frankfurt, Germany, as a city with a long historical tradition, which has been at the center of German, European and international intellectual, commercial, and political life for centuries.

Through an intensive four week program this course will offer students the possibility to immerse in the study of the German language and learn about German culture, history, and philosophy by focusing on the different periods of the development of Frankfurt as an urban center of great diversity.

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Senior Amanda Rees (Business Administration) spent two weeks studying business in Germany this summer. Amanda was unable to send us her posts from Germany due to a poor Internet connection. Now that she's back, we're posting them all at once.

June 28, 2010
Things are going great here in Mannheim, Germany! It's been so fun getting to know everyone in the Business Summer School Program. We have a variety of people from places all over, such as Portugal, Finland, Australia, Norway, Belgium and even a few local Germans.

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