The University of Washington Tacoma is seeking two to four UWT students to travel to Moscow and jointly produce an issue of The Journalist with students at Moscow State University. The trip is part of a competitive independent study that will take place during Spring Break 2012. The students will team up with students from MSU to write, design and produce a newspaper or magazine. This is a valuable opportunity for students interested in journalism and communications and for the campus as a whole, and is part of a program originated in March 2003 between UWT and MSU. Just from one brief week of working as a team, students from both countries learn about differences in journalistic practices, how one might determine what is newsworthy, and how one might decide the best way to approach a news story. In addition, important cultural differences are illuminated, discussed, and processed independently and together by the Russian and U.S. students. While students can discuss other cultures in their university classes, this type of one-on-one experience cannot be reproduced in textbooks or traditional classrooms.

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