People at the Center for Brazilian Studies

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Co-Director: Orlando Baiochi
Institute of Technology,
University of Washington Tacoma
Co-Director: Jonathan Warren
Jackson School of International Studies
University of Washington, Seattle
Associate-Director: Margaret Griesse
Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
University of Washington, Tacoma

Advisory Board

Pedro Augusto Leite Costa
Honorary Consul of Brazil in Seattle
Paulo Gomes
Hitachi Consulting


Ernesto Alvarado Celestino

Phone: (206) 616-6920
Area: Senior Research Scientist, College of Forestry, Fire and Environmental Research Applications Team 
Orlando Baiocchi
Phone: (253) 692-4727
Area: Prof. of  Electrical Engineering
Karl Böhringer 
Phone: (206) 221-5177
Area: Electrical Engineering, 
Contact: was visiting professor at the University of Sao Paulo 
Fabio Caldieraro
Phone: (206) 616-7464
Area :  Assistant Professor of Marketing
Luis Ceze
Phone: (206) 543-1896
Area: Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
Marcia Ciol
Phone: (206) 221-4668
Area Research Associate Professor with the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Biostatistics
Marcus VM da Cunha, Jr
Phone: (206) 543-8780
Area: Assistant Professor of Marketing
Allan H. Devol
Area: Oceanography
Contact: Member of the Carbon in the Amazon River Experiment (CAMREX)
Jefferson Duarte
Phone: (206) 543-1843
Area:  Associate professor of Finance
Evert McCabe Faculty Fellow
Jay Freistadt
Area: Center fo Information and Technology
Contact: researching ICTs in Brazil
Richard Gammon
Phone: (206) 543-1609
Area: Professor of Chemistry, Oceanography and Adjunct Professor of Atmoshperic Sciences
Project: - 2008 Exploration Seminar to Salvador-Bahia and the Amazon Climate Change & Culture in Brazil
-  2007 Exploration Seminar in Salvador-Bahia, Brazil
Chemistry, Climate Change, Culture
Margaret Griesse
Area: Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
Projects: Study-Abroad programs to Brazil; Gender studies; Social movements, Human Rights; Corporate Social Responsibility; 
Alan Haynie
Area: Affiliate Assistant Professor, School of Marine Affairs
Contact: Research Fellow at: University of Sao Paulo, University of Brasilia, University of Campinas and University of santa catarina, Brazil 
Margaret Heitkemper
Area: School of Nursing
Contact:  research and teaching in Brazil 
Robert Holzworth 
Phone: (206) 7410
Area: Professor of Earth and Space Sciences, Adjunct Professor  of Physics
Project: Sprite balloons (NSF sponsored) involving stratospheric balloon flights from Brazil to study the electrodynamic environment above sprite producing thunderstorms
Deborah Illman
Phone: (206) 616-4826 
Area: Team Science Corps Senior fellowship, Associate Director of the Center for Process Analytical Chemistry
Contact: PhD in Physical chemistry from the State University of Campinas, Brazil. 
Sanjeev Khagram
Area: Associate Professor of Public Affairs and International Studies
Contact: His book on Dams and Development focuses in part on Brazil
J. Nathan Kutz
Phone: (206) 685-3029
Area: Department of Applied Mathematics 
Project: Atmosphere-Ocean Interactions and Climate Modeling Exploration Seminar 2008
Lurdes Inoue
Phone: (206) 543-1044
Area: Associate Professor, Biostatistic, medical biometry and decision making
Ted Mack 
Phone: (206) 543-4356
Area: Associate Professor of Modern Japanese Literature
Project: examine the role of literature in the Japanese diaspora, with a particular focus on Brazil, focusing on the production and consumption of literary texts from both Tokyo and São Paulo
Charles Mock
Phone: (206) 744-9430
Area: Professor of Surgery, Epitemeology
Project: Training for Trauma Quality Improvement - Health issue: Injury, Violence, and Trauma; Education and Training, Project type: Education
David Montgomery 
Phone (206) 685-2560
Area: Geomorphology
Contacts: research on soil erosion and topography in Brazil and other areas
Peter Myler
Area: Affiliate Professor of Global Health, Seattle Biomedical Research Institute -  regulation of gene expression in protozoan parasites
Contact: International Health Group,  
Amos Silva do Nascimento
Phone: (253) 692-4555
Area: Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, Philosophy
Joyojeet Pal
Area: Research Associate Center for Information and Society - use of computers in developing regions
Contact: research on public internet centers in urban Brazil
Donald Patrick
Phone: (206)685–7252
Area: Professor of Health Services
Contact: International Health Group
Stephan Polyak
Phone: (206) 341-5224
Area: Research Assistant Professor, Laboratory Medicine, Global Health, Microbiology, Hepatitis C
Project: Collaborator with Charles Mock on Training for Trauma Quality Improvement
Paul D. Quay
Area: Oceanography
Contact: Member of the Carbon in the Amazon River Experiment (CAMREX)
Maria Luiza Ramos, MD, 
Phone: 206-897-5347
Area: Visiting Scholar, Burn patients, Burn model system research
Jorge D. Reyes, MD
Phone: (206) 598-2608
Area: Professor and Vice Chairman 
Chief, Division of Transplantation Surgery
Steven Reed
Phone: (206)754–5714
Area: Affiliate Professor of Health Services, Infectious Disease Institute
Contact: International Health Group
Jane Rees
Phone: (206) 616–9309
Area: Pediatrics, Adolescent Medicine
Contact: International Health Group
Jeffrey E. Richey
Area: Oceanography
Contact: Member of the Carbon in the Amazon River Experiment (CAMREX)
Paolo R. Salvalaggio
Phone: (206)598-6263
Area: Associate Professor, Co-Director Kidney/Pancreas Transplant Program
Gottfried Schmer 
Phone: (206) 598-6131
Area: Professor Emeritus, Laboratory Medicine (UWSOM)
Project: Contact person for Tropical Medicine opportunities in Manaus and Salvador
Steven Self
Phone: (206) 667–4944
Area: Biostatistics
Contact: International Health Group
Dennis Stillman
Phone: (206) 221-7234 
Area: Senor Lecturer, Director of Health Services
Contact: International Health Group
Ingrid Margaret Tohver
Phone: (206) 616-4304
Area: Research Scientist for JISAO Center for Science in the Earth System (CSES) and Climate Impact Group (CIG)
Contact: Worked four years for Brazilian NGO, Environmental Research Institute in the Amazon (IPAM).
Marcelo D. Vilela
Phone (206) 744-9330
Area: Clinical Assistant Professor, Neurosurgery
Wesley Van Voorhis
Phone: (206) 543-0821
Area: Prof. of Medicine, Allergy and Infectious Diseases
Contact: International Health Group
Jonathan Warren
Phone: (206) 685-1518
Area: Associate Professor. Jackson School of International Studies  Program Chair, Center for Brazilian Studies
Project: - Capes-Fipse Divercity
Sam Wasser
Phone: (206) 543-1669
Area: Professor and Endowed Chair in Conservation Biology 
Project: Mammals of the Brazilian Cerrado
Michelle Williams
Phone: (206) 543–8225
Area: Prof. of Epidemiology, Global Health
Contact: International Health Group
Denise Wilson
Phone: (206) 221-5238
Area: Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering
Project: 2009 Exploration seminar in South-Central Brazil, The Food, Fuel, Water Triangle: the Biofuel Puzzle
Rita Wirkala 
Phone: (206) 368-2576
Area: Instructor Spanish/Portuguese
Contact: Native Argentine, lived 13 years in Brazil