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The School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (SIAS) offers advanced study in the humanities, social sciences, mathematics and natural sciences.

To provide an interdisciplinary and comparative basis for the study of different groups, societies and cultures, our interdisciplinary curriculum is organized around three general dimensions of life: Culture and Ideas (Fine Arts and Humanities), Society and the Individual (Social Sciences) and the Natural World (Natural Sciences).

The focus of our curriculum is the comparative study of peoples, groups, societies, cultures and environments within the United States and selected regions of the world.

The goals of the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences curriculum are to help students:

  • Develop proficiency in skills such as writing and critical thinking that are needed for productive careers, and gain mastery of a broad curriculum in the humanities, social sciences and environmental science;
  • Achieve knowledge of the theories, concepts and methods of cross-cultural analysis; Understand the complexity of relations between groups, societies, cultures and natural environments; the history of these relations and the forces of social change;
  • Gain a knowledge and appreciation of cultures other than their own while exploring the expression of cultural identity, thought and beliefs through literature and the other arts; and
  • Build experience in the analysis of environmental issues and their scientific basis.

SIAS Mission, Vision and Values

The School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences offers an evolving, culturally relevant course of study grounded in a respect for diversity and a responsiveness to the needs and desires of the communities and the environment around us.
We prepare students to be adaptable outstanding leaders, professionals, and citizens.

About University of Washington Tacoma

UW Tacoma is first and foremost a change agent for our region, providing access to students in a way that transforms families and communities. We impact and inform economic development through community-engaged students and faculty. We conduct research that is of direct use to our community and region. And, most importantly, we seek to be connected to our community’s needs and aspirations.

School of IAS News

"Most of the faculty came here to teach at a university of this size, as opposed to a place where we would be standing in front of a lecture hall with hundreds of students, because we want an active, engaged classroom," Associate Professor Dr. Ingrid Walker. Be sure to visit our YouTube page for more great advice and videos: http://bit.ly/29SnnVe School of IAS at UW Tacoma UW Tacoma Student Involvement UW Tacoma Alumni Tacoma Public Schools

Posted by University of Washington Tacoma on Tuesday, July 19, 2016

UW Tacoma 2018-19 Facts

All data is based on Autumn 2018 enrollment.


5,375 total headcount


  • 347 Faculty headcount
  • 16:1 Faculty-student ratio

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