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  • PPE Degree with Honors: Seniors in the PP&E major now have the option of graduating with honors. You are encouraged to consider this option if you plan to attend graduate school, as it will prepare you for grad school admission and success. To learn more, speak with your advisor or view the application.
  • The PP&E Club is an organization committed to connecting students with an interest in politics, philosophy and economics, as well as related fields. Through networking, planning and promoting events related to the PP&E major, members will gain connections within the community, as well as practical experience in their field of interest. The club is also dedicated to promoting the PP&E major to incoming students. Students may join the organization on Collegiate Link.
  • PPPA List Serve: PPPA invites all students to sign up for our new email list. By signing up, you will receive periodic emails with information on new courses or changes in the course schedule; employment, internship and international opportunities; extracurricular activities of interest to PPPA students and other relevant information.
  • PPPA Paper Prize:
    Brittany Hale, 2014 PPPA Paper Prize Winner All PP&E and Law and Policy students participate in a capstone seminar or internship which includes writing a research paper. Each spring we hold a public event during which we award a prize for the best capstone research paper that year.

    Past Paper Prize-winning papers can be seen on the UW Tacoma Library Digital Commons website. Congratulations to the 2014 PPPA Paper Prize winner, Brittany Hale, for her paper "Medical Marijuana."










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