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UW Health Sciences Immunizations Policy (HSIP)

The University of Washington Health Sciences Center requires that its students show documentation of protection against a number of vaccine-preventable diseases. The University of Washington School of Social Work falls under the umbrella of UW Health Sciences; therefore, all UW Tacoma MSW and BASW students must comply. Students must submit the appropriate form along with copies of supporting documents to Instructions and forms can be found on the Health Sciences Immunization Program website.

Satisfactory documentation includes scanned copies of immunization records and lab reports of titer results, or medical records containing such data. This information may also be provided via a scanned letter of authentication from your healthcare provider, in which case an original signature accompanied by the provider’s printed name, credentials, address and telephone number is required.

Required Immunizations

The following immunizations and verifications are REQUIRED for all MSW and BASW students. No student will be permitted to enter any practicum site until all immunization verification is submitted and verified by the Health Sciences Immunization Program (HSIP).

Students must document immunity to Measles (Rubeola), Mumps, Rubella, Hepatitis B, Tetanus-Diphtheria-Pertussis, Varicella (chicken pox), and have a current, annual TB screening and seasonal influenza vaccine. This documentation can take the form of immunization records and/or lab results from serum titer tests. Evidence of being in the process of a Hepatitis B vaccine series is sufficient to continue in the program, but failure to complete it in the appropriate timeframe will result in a registration hold. No student will be allowed to be in a practicum placement unless they are compliant with this policy.

Please visit the HSIP website for complete information, required forms and procedures. Students must submit immunization documents to


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