Unsung Hero Award

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Unsung Hero Award

Alyssa Boettger, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
Autumn 2017 Unsung Hero

The Unsung Hero Award is given twice a year by the Staff Association. The purpose of the award is to recognize a staff member who makes a significant contribution to the campus, but has not received the recognition that they deserve. Recipients are selected in the Autumn and Spring quarters. They are presented with a certificate of appreciation and gift card at a surprise celebration with their unit.

The next unsung hero award
will be announced in spring 2018!


Unsung Hero Award Recipients

  • Autumn 2017: Alyssa Boettger, School of IAS
  • Spring 2017: Stephanie Mann, Cashier's Office
  • Autumn 2016: Chan Mom, Computer Services
  • Spring 2016: Megan Kitagawa, Marketing & Creative Services
  • Autumn 2015: Ana Marie Alameda, Office of the Registrar
  • Spring 2015: John Stubblefield, Academic Advising Center
  • Autumn 2014: Jon Dietzen, Milgard School of Business
  • Spring 2014: Don Stiles, Copy & Mail Center
  • Autumn 2013: Kimberle Bode, Facilities Services
  • Winter 2013: Aubrey Robinson Steffens, Milgard School of Business
  • Autumn 2012: Michal Nolte, Enrollment Services
  • Spring 2012: Lisa Paul, Enrollment Services
  • Winter 2012: Megan Bentley, Undergraduate Education
  • Autumn 2011: Bruce Metzger, Enrollment Services
  • Spring 2011: Gabriela Crosby, Social Work
  • Winter 2011: Sara Contreras, Equity & Diversity
  • Autumn 2010: Josh Carper, Media Services
  • Summer 2010: Linda Spence Noyer, Enrollment Services
  • Spring 2010: Anna Mertz, Student Affairs
  • Winter 2010: Kelly Kledzik, Milgard School of Business
  • Autumn 2009: Dannah Madden, Nursing
  • Summer 2009: Tim Kapler, Media Services
  • Spring 2009: Tyler Wilson, Advancement
  • Winter 2009: Keiji Oka, Computer Services
  • Autumn 2008: Marcia Monroe, Libary
  • Summer 2008: Charlotte Cron, Enrollment Services
  • Spring 2008: Dana Clark, Media Services