Coordinating Committee

The Strategic Plan Coordinating Committee guides implementation of Charting Our Course over the years ahead.

The Coordinating Committee is broadly representative of campus and committed to co-creating a process that integrates Charting Our Course into the fabric of UW Tacoma’s operations and culture. The faculty, staff and student members of the committee include co-champions for each of the six Impact Goals, as well as at-large student and staff representatives. 

Members will help prioritize and support unit-level and campus-level initiatives, facilitate collaboration and evaluate plan progress. Their initial focus is on identifying, celebrating and optimizing existing plan-aligned work. 

We will be soliciting nominations for committee vacancies early in fall quarter.

Coordinating Committee Roster

Assistant Chancellor for Strategy and Assessment

  • Bonnie Becker – Associate Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

Co-Chair Emeritus

  • Marcie Lazzari, Professor Emerita, Social Work & Criminal Justice

Co-Champions: Students

  • Kathleen Farrell, Director, Student Planning & Administration
  • Erica Cline, Associate Dean for Student Support and Success and Associate Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

Co-Champions: Scholarship

  • Turan Kayaoglu, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
  • Lauren Pressley, Director of the UW Tacoma Library and Associate Dean of University Libraries

Co-Champions: Communities

  • Linda Ishem, Senior Lecturer, Urban Studies and Assistant to the Chancellor for Community Engagement
  • Lisa Isozaki, Research Administrator, Academic Affairs and Office of Research

Co-Champions: Equity

  • Amanda Figueroa, Director of Student Transition Programs
  • Ruth Ward, Administrative Coordinator, Faculty Assembly

Co-Champions: Culture

  • Alison Hendricks, Director of Academic Human Resources
  • Riki Thompson, Associate Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences and Associate Dean of Curriculum and Academic Initiatives

Co-Champions: Growth

  • Karl Smith, Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Admissions Officer
  • Katie Baird, Associate Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

Staff Association Representative

  • Elizabeth Hansen, Staff Association Secretary and Assistant Director of Student Engagement

Faculty Assembly Representative

  • Mark Pendras, Faculty Assembly Chair; Associate Professor, Urban Studies

ASUWT Appointed Student Representative

  • Emmett Kang,   ASUWT Representative for University Affairs

At-Large Student Representative

  • Vacant

Committee Charge

The purpose of the Strategic Plan Coordinating Committee (SPCC) is to guide the strategic plan implementation process over the life of the new plan. The group will develop processes and policies as necessary to fully integrate the plan into the fabric of the institution’s operations. It is anticipated that the group will guide implementation processes that will be well integrated with established guidelines and timetables for such processes as space allocations, budget deliberations and development, legislative requests, etc.

The group will be responsible to monitor the implementation of both unit-level and campus-level initiatives designed to achieve the established campus-level Impact Goals. The committee will review and then recommend initiatives forward to the Chancellor’s Cabinet for discussion and final approval by the Chancellor. The Committee will also work with responsible campus units to provide external and internal communications about strategic plan progress. The group will be responsible to monitor plan success and report overall plan achievements as well as Impact Goal level achievements.

Impact Goal Co-Champions will advocate for and support both unit-level and campus-level initiatives designed to accomplish the range of metrics identified for each Impact Goal. Informal Impact Goal subgroups will evaluate plan progress to insure full coverage of all Impact Goal metrics over the life of the plan. Impact Goal subgroups will also work with SPCC to identify possible resources for Impact Goal related initiatives and will help prioritize initiative development across the timeline of the plan implementation. The Impact Goal groups will also work with SPCC to maximize synergies and cross-Impact Goal related activities that advance the overall vision of UW Tacoma.