Strategic Initiative Fund

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During each of the five years of Charting Our Course, the Chancellor will commit a portion of the university’s general operating budget to invest in initiatives that advance one or more of the plan’s Impact Goals. This Strategic Initiative Fund (SIF) will invest in innovations, collaborations and efficiencies that help achieve Charting Our Course’s Impact Goals and that demonstrate progress on the plan’s success indicators.

The Strategic Plan Coordinating Committee (SPCC) coordinates the SIF proposal process, reviews proposals and makes funding recommendations to the Executive Budget Committee. When considering which initiatives it will recommend for funding the, SPCC will prioritize the following:

  • Proposals that support students most directly,
  • Initiatives that further progress on multiple Impact Goals,
  • Collaborative efforts that have a broad scope of impact and shared leadership, and
  • Proposals that create or support systemic change that reshapes the UW Tacoma experience in positive, enduring ways.

In addition, when reviewing proposals, the SPCC aims to balance support for new pilot initiatives with opportunities to build the capacity effectiveness of existing, plan-aligned work.

SPCC will announce inaugural SIF allocations by the end of Spring Quarter 2017.