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What is the Global Affairs Fellows Program?

The Office of Global Affairs is proud to offer UW Tacoma students the opportunity to serve in student leadership positions in our office. Global Affairs Fellows are UW Tacoma students whose mission is to promote global learning opportunities on campus. GA Fellows help plan, promote, and implement events and assist with international student services, supporting study abroad programs, student fellowship and award promotion. To successfully carry out these tasks, it is essential to have in-depth and experiential knowledge of study abroad, student fellowship processes, and international student transitions. If you have a questions, they have answers!  

Global Affairs Fellows (formerly Study Abroad Ambassadors)

Name: Syndra Feng


Intended Graduation Quarter: Summer 2018

Hi, I am a junior at University of Washington Tacoma currently majoring in psychology. I lived in China for almost 15 years so I am fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin. Also, because I took Japanese for two years in high school, I understand a little bit of Japanese too.

I love wildlife so one of my favorite places on earth is Yellowstone National Park. I lived there for a week and it was really cool. This winter, I am going to Los Angeles for my 21st birthday! Very excited!

A huge part of my culture is food, I love all kinds of food. It’s very hard for me to pick my favorite one so I am just going to say sour and spicy soup because I always order it when I go to a Chinese restaurant. But if you wanted some recommendation on restaurants around Seattle area, I can definitely help.

Name: Alexandra Franklin


Intended Graduation Quarter: Summer 2018

I will be graduating with a Healthcare Leadership major and minors in Global Engagement, Business Administration and Environmental Science. I am originally from Panama, lived in Honduras for a while and moved to the US when I was 15. I speak both English and Spanish, and I will be studying abroad in Chile during early fall.

My favorite place in the world is definitely my grandmother’s house in Panama, although, I would love to visit The Netherlands. I have heard amazing things about the country and it will be easy to travel through Europe once I’m there. Trying new foods is one of my favorite things to do and Haemul Pajeon (fried seafood Korean pancake), is one of my favorite international dishes.






Name: Autumn Diaz


Intended Graduation Quarter: Spring 2018
Growing up in a military family, I was very fortunate to have lived in Bitburg, Germany during middle and high school. While living in Germany, I was able to visit various European countries including France, Italy, England, the Czech Republic, and Luxembourg. In 2013, I also traveled to Cape Town, South Africa. I love South Africa and will finally be returning through the UWT Education and Urban Studies early fall exploration seminar in September 2017.   
Being a psychology major, I am extremely interested in the human condition. More specifically, across global contexts regarding economic and racial inequities. My favorite food is my grandmother’s menudo and my favorite places on earth is the top of Table Mountain in South Africa. The next place I'd like to visit is the island of Capri in Italy. My grandfather immigrated from Capri but, sadly, passed away before I was born. Therefore, I have many unanswered questions about my Italian cultural heritage.   

Name: Audrey Weber


Intended Graduation Quarter: Spring 2018

Alaska feels like a second home to me and it is absolutely one of my favorite places to be. I have spent three summers working just outside of Denali National Park, and many shorter trips during the fall, winter, and spring visiting my mom in Fairbanks. 

When I travel I like to really get a feel for the daily life and culture surrounding me. WWOOFing (World wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) has been a great way to extend my travels and accomplish those goals, as well as be of service, and enjoy unique learning experiences all at once. I've done so in Ireland and in Spain this past summer after my study abroad program ended. I've also visited the Dominican Republic a couple of times with a good friend of mine who was born and raised there, which furthered my ambitions to learn Spanish! I would love to visit more Spanish speaking countries and develop my own grasp of the language in a culturally well rounded, and experiential way. I haven't put my finger on exactly where is next for me yet!

I have many interests, but one in particular that has been blossoming over the past few years is an interest in herbalism and wildcrafting. My older sister found a used dehydrator for me so processing my own tea leaves is something I'd like to experiment with — fingers crossed that the machine works!


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