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  • Major: Master of Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Tre' is a graduate of the Criminal Justice Program with a double minor in Politics and Human Rights and is currently a graduate student in the MAIS program. His goal is a successful and prestigious career in law. Tre’ began tutoring writing during his interim at the Highline Community College Writing Center and began working in the TLC during the 2011-2012 school year. Tre’s specializations are: organization, APA and MLA citation, case law, and speech writing.
  • Major: Communications

  • Long is a sophomore majoring in Communications, intending on graduating with a focus on the professional track. He is constantly consuming media across various genres, his favorite being films. Aside from being a student, Long enjoys videography work, and has been working on local film productions since high school. He has written screenplays for various productions, and has had his films screen all over the country, earning several accolades. Long is familiar with MLA, APA and AP style citations and formatting. He loves people, and is excited to meet new students through being a writing consultant. 

  • In 2015, Tori graduated from UW Tacoma with her master's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. She also holds a bachelor's degree in Sociology from Seattle University. For nearly four years, Tori has had the distinct pleasure of being a writing consultant at the TLC. In the coming quarters, Tori looks forward to helping students understand their own writing processes and learn the strategies and skills that will assist them in achieving their academic and professional goals. She is most proficient in the APA citation style and enjoys working with students on assignments that critically examine the intersections of race, class, and gender and their relationship to social justice.
  • Austin is a student at University of Washington Tacoma who is pursuing a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. 
  • His intent is to eventually go on to a doctorate program and become a professor in the social sciences. Writing on issues ranging from Political Economy to Religious Studies, he employs an interdisciplinary approach which is characteristic of the education at UWT. His interests include philosophy, political economy, religious studies, Christian theology, and art criticism.
  • Major: AM&C, with a focus on visual and performing arts.
  • Felix is most familiar with building the foundation of papers: brainstorming, organization, building rough drafts and so on. But he is more than glad to help students at any stage of their writing process. He can best help students by drawing out their ideas through conversation, so those ideas can be more easily transferred to and identified in students’ papers. Felix is enthusiastic about beginning to help students grow as writers.
  • Major: Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
  • James completed his original IAS undergraduate degree at UWT with a focus on literature.  He is currently working on a post-baccalaureate in preparation for graduate work at UW Seattle in international studies and plans on embarking on a career in the State Department or a similar agency.  As such, his primary focus is on linguistics and geopolitics.  However, he also possesses a strong background in wide-ranging historical, literary, and theological studies, as well as a familiarity with MLA and Chicago citation formats.  As an incoming consultant at the TLC, James is enthusiastic about assisting students with their writing and strives to make every student's visit comfortable and beneficial.
  • Major: Politics, Philosophy, & Economics
  • Kaja is currently a PP&E major with a focus on Political Science. Familiar with the writing process, Kaja would love to assist with the construction and organization of papers, and she would love to help during any stage of the writing process. She is knowledgeable about most basic citation styles but most comfortable with the MLA format. Kaja is excited to help students maneuver their way through the writing process and to help students see how beneficial collaboration is in academia.
  • Pursuing a B.S. in Environmental Science with a focus on Biology and Pre-medicine.
  • She previously worked at the Seattle Public Library and, throughout her whole academic career, experienced writing papers in the following fields: General Science, Psychology, History, and Literature. Although she is currently most fond of scientific writing, her experiences allowed her to gain knowledge of CSE, APA, MLA, and Chicago-style citation. Christine is eager and thrilled to learn from and work with various students in helping them think, organize, and analyze in their writing. She firmly believes that writing itself, even with tutoring, is a gift of thought and mindfulness.
  • Eric is a second year graduate student in the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies program. His project is concerned with environmental justice and African studies.
  • Prior to graduate school Eric received his B.S. in Environmental Science from UWT in 2014. Currently, he works for the U.S. Geological Survey as a hydrologic technician.
  • Between his experiences in the two programs Eric has a keen insight into both the natural and social sciences. Furthermore, he has written across the disciplines and is familiar with most formatting styles, especially CSE and APA.
  • Eric is honored to have the privilege of being able to help his fellow students become better writers through active listening, collaboration, positive reinforcement and the utilization of resources. 
  • Pursuing an IAS in Psychology as well as minoring in Criminal Justice
  • Alejandra has great academic interest in criminal Deviance in tandem with Psychological deviance and is enthusiastic about UWT’s interdisciplinary approach. She hopes to pursue a PhD in this field in the future. She is most familiar with writing in APA as well as Chicago style. She looks forward to collaborating with students through their writing process.
  • is a senior at UW Tacoma. She hopes to pursue a career in journalism after finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Arts, Media, and Culture.  Laurel graduated with her ultrasound degree from TCC in 2013, working full time at St. Joseph for a year before her love of learning pulled her back to academia. She wouldn’t know what to do with herself if she weren’t juggling two great jobs and her coursework.
  • Laurel loves writing about literature, film, poetry and creative writing but she would be more than happy to assist in any genre of writing. She is knowledgeable in most citation styles, but has worked the most in MLA. Laurel looks forward to encouraging students to love writing, by helping them brainstorm, organize, and find their own unique writing style in their papers.
  • is deeply involved on campus, working as a Peer Advisor and writing consultant. She is going for three degrees: Biomedical Sciences, Psychology and Criminal justice. Amy’s ideal job is to become a nephrologist and specialize in pediatric kidney failure and cure diseases. She wants to be a nephrologist because about 1/3 of the population in the U.S is obese.

  • Amy volunteers for numerous organizations and eventually wants to work with kids and promote health care and healthy eating, to lower the rate of obesity and diabetes. Later in life, Amy would like to travel to different countries and build hospitals, while doing research and pursuing better health care. You may have seen Amy volunteering on campus. She is apart of many clubs and hopes to change the world one day at a time.



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