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nudge vb (tr)

1. to push or poke (someone) gently, esp with the elbow, to get attention; jog, 2. to push slowly or lightly as I drove out, I just nudged the gatepost, 3. to give (someone) a gentle reminder or encouragement
— TheFreeDictionary

The University of Washington recently collaborated with Civitas Learning to implement their analytics-based tools: Illume Students, and Inspire for Advisors. Bringing all of our siloed data together in a unified, persistence-driven interface, we are attempting to change campus cultures and embrace real-time data on student success and engagement. One of our projects at UW Tacoma is "Nudge Initiative" which attempts to gather and use this real time data to find pockets of students that would be better supported with outreach via targeted reminders, support, resource links, and timely information related to their in-this-moment circumstances.

UW Tacoma is forming a team to search for insights related to any of the available academic filters, powerful predictors or campus events, and together we will design priority email nudges that respond to the most timely predictors for student achievement. A pilot phase went forward in Autumn 2017, led by a team of undergraduate advisors using Inspire, and is being assessed for success and value regarding persistence, student response, and building of expertise in the use of these new analytics resources. Through Civitas, personalized messages (Dear Josh,...) go out via email with the brand "UW Tacoma Husky Success Team" and are responded to within a business day when students have questions or need support.

More information on the history of analytics implementation at the University of Washington can be found online.

Contact: Colleen Carmean (Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Innovation, carmean at if you are interested in participating in the Nudge Initiative.