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QM Peer Review Process

The University of Washington Tacoma uses an informal, peer-based approach to designating a course as online-ready and approved for UW DL (distance learning) designation. Course approval takes place via a summer iTech Fellows workshop, using Quality Matter's national, faculty-developed rubric for online course design. This process ensures that critical elements of design (not content) work together to ensure that students will achieve your desired learning outcomes, using the pedagogy of your choice.

Process and materials for review are available online at the UWT online course creation site. The current list of UWT iTech Fellows who have gone through the summer program and taken a course through QM peer review:

Menaka Abraham (Inst. of Technology)
Julia Aguirre (Education)

Loly Alcaide Ramirez (SIAS)

Uba Backonja (Nursing)

Yan Bai (Inst. of Technology)
Kathleen Beaudoin (Education)
Bonnie Becker (SIAS)

Margo Bergman (Business)

Nicole Blair (SIAS)

Elizabeth Bruch (SIAS)

Eric Bugyis (SIAS)

Kima Cargill (SIAS)
Colleen Carmean (Education)
Erin Casey (SW&CJ)

Leighann Chaffee, (SIAS)

Sunny Cheih Cheng (Nursing)

Jeff Cohen (SW&CJ)
Jane Compson (SIAS)

Doris Cumings (Nursing)
Sergio Davalos (Business)
Kim Davenport (SIAS)

Linda Dawson (SIAS)

Vanessa de Veritch Woodside (SIAS)

Haluk Demirkan (Business)
Tarna Derby-McCurtain (SW&CJ)
Yonn Dierwechter (Urban Studies)
Joyce Dinglasan-Panlilio (SIAS)

Denise Drevdahl (Nursing)
Rich Furman (SW&CJ)

Chunming Gao (Inst. of Technology)

Bryan Goda (Inst of Technology)
Cheryl Greengrove (SIAS)

Margaret Griesse (SIAS)

Katie Haerling (Nursing)
Marian Harris (SW&CJ)
Andrea Hill (SW&CJ)

Darcy Janzen (Education)

Susan Johnson (Nursing)

Natalie Jolly (SIAS)

Matthew Kelley (Urban Studies)

Chris Knaus (Education)

Michael Kula (SIAS)

James Liner (SIAS)
Belinda Louie (Education)
Eric Madfis (SW&CJ)

Patsy Maloney (Nursing)

Jacob Martens (SIAS)
Julie Masura (SIAS)

Craig McBride (SIAS)
Tylir McKinzie (SIAS)
Erik McDonald (SIAS)

Lauren Montgomery (SIAS)

Ellen Moore (SIAS)
Amos Nascimento (SIAS)

Julie Nicoletta (SIAS)

Carl Newhouse (SW&CJ)

Stephen Norman (Business)

Gregory Noronha (Business)

Johann Reusch (SIAS)

David Reyes (Nursing)
Jose Rios (Education)

Gregory Rose (Business)
Peter Selkin (SIAS)

Evelyn Shankus (Business)
Jie Sheng (Inst. of Technology)

Ann Shindo (SW&CJ)

Jarek Sierschynski (Education)

Eugene Sivadas (Business)
Christine Stevens (Nursing)
Elizabeth "Libi" Sundermann (SIAS)

Barbara Toews (SW&CJ)

Ruth Vanderpool (SIAS)
Ariel Wetzel (SIAS)
Douglas Wills (Business)

Weicho Yuwen (Nursing)