iTech Fellows Program: Innovation in Course Redesign

The iTech Fellows Initiative is a collaboration between the Executive Vice Chancellor's Office, the academic programs, Academic Innovation, and the Faculty Resource Center. New Fellows work together in an intensive examination of online pedagogy, and then work to infuse digital engagement and new teaching practices into their courses using:

- research-based best practices,
- UW's new Learning Management System, Canvas, and other UWT supported tools
- reviewing the Quality Matters evaluation process of peer review using the QM Rubric

When ready, Fellows use a two-faculty peer review to designate their course as online/hybrid eligible. More than 30 Fellows continue to peer review, to meet as a community of practice and to advise UW Tacoma' Office of Academic Innovation and the Faculty Resource Center on effective practice for teaching and learning.


Instructors teaching either hybrid or online courses should have gone through iTech Fellows and peer review. 

To assist faculty in meeting the new faculty-approved process for acquiring Distance Learning (DL) Designation, we have provided a more convenient method of iTech completion. The new structure consists of three components:

  1. an online pre-workshop (completed the week prior to meeting)
  2. a one-day intensive face-to-face meeting
  3. an online post-workshop (completed the week following meeting)

Participants MUST have the permission of their Dean/Director to offer the course online, MUST be available for the full-day workshop and their course must pass peer review. Each participant will choose two qualified reviewers and work on their chosen course till completed, with any assistance needed from UWT's Office of Academic Innovation. In acknowledgment of the work and value in adopting new pedagogy, participants receive a $1,000 stipend.

At the end of the workshop, participants will receive half of their stipend ($500). The balance of stipend ($500) is received on successful completion of the QM peer review and is paid by your school or program. It is on this completion of peer review that participants are designated iTech Fellows, able to add DL designation to new courses, and asked to peer review new Fellow candidates. Inquire of your Director or Dean. Successful completion and DL-designation for your course fulfills the criteria of peer review via the Quality Matters evaluation process rubric (Pass all 3-point criteria, and an overall score > 81 pts.). Participants also commit to teaching the course in online or hybrid format within the next year. With a growing community of resident iTech Fellows, UW Tacoma is creating increased access, innovation and collaboration in the design of pedagogy and practice. Join us!



REGISTRATION NOW OPEN for March 19, 2018  Workshop!

A sneak peek into the wonderful world of iTech. 
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