Offering Online Options at UWT

FOR: ITech Fellows Participating in Online Course Redesign

Course Design Process
Support for online course design is available in the Faculty Resource Center (WG 208). In addition to getting you started and providing paperwork needed, we can help ensure that your course has been developed based on current effective practice, using the best tools for your pedagogy, discipline and practice.

To offer a course online or hybrid at the University of Washington Tacoma, it must have UW's DL-designation. We are now changing the listing these courses in the Time Schedule, identifying whether the course will be 1)  H courses (40-99% online) and when it meets on campus, or O courses (100% online).

This decision has implications for military students, international students, upper division (residency rule) students and for classroom utilization. Both H and O formats require the instructor be certified via UW Tacoma's iTech Fellows program.  Our faculty-approved process is to use the framework of 1) training in iTech Fellows and 2) certifying via standards of Quality Matter's peer-based course review.

QM's national, faculty-developed rubric for online course design ensures that critical elements of design (not content) work together to ensure that your students will achieve your desired learning outcomes.

Quality Matters (QM) Rubric
List of UWT iTech Fellows & Peer Reviewers
UWT Distance Learning Supplement Form 

For a course to meet Quality Matters review expectations, the course must have:

  • Answered ‘Yes’ to ALL 3-point Essential Standards
  • A total overall score of 81 out of 95 points with no partial point scores. 

Course Approval
A number of steps are involved in offering your course hybrid or fully online. Be sure to have permission of your dean/director/chair to develop and offer a course online. After completing your course development, allow time to go through designation (DL) as an online/hybrid course. The Faculty Resource Center can help you prepare for QM peer review and paperwork on the UWT DL supplement form submitted to Seattle Curriculum Committee for DL designation.

Once the course is complete, complete the DL Supplement Approval Form, and submit to the Faculty Resource Center.  Designation for hybrid/online instances of THAT course, THAT instructor is recorded at the FRC and DL designation at Seattle. This designation will take up to a month. 

IF this is a new course, please have it approved as a UWT course for the catalog first. All UW standard paperwork will need to be completed and the course approved before submitting for DL designation. On UW new course paperwork, DL questions are left blank at the UWT campus as we do not participate in the Seattle DL process.

When the course is ready, iTech Fellows submit the signed  UWT Distance Learning Supplement Form to UWT Faculty Resource Center for processing. The University of Washington also requires reapproval after three years. For renewal at UW Tacoma, your department chair/dean can contact the FRC, confirm that the course is being maintained, and that it is the same environment that went through peer review. 

Teaching Online
If you are hoping to schedule your online/hybrid course in an upcoming quarter, make note of dates that finished paperwork needs to be submitted to Seattle: Quarter Deadlines for Curriculum Committee Submissions

Questions about online teaching and learning, emerging tools for deeper engagement in the online format, and how best to reach our new digital generation of learners are ongoing topics of research, workshops, and conversations at the Faculty Resource Center. It's not about the technology; it's about engaging our learners, demonstrating our passion for the subject matter, and learning from colleagues trying new pedagogies. Here's a quick list of 8 lessons learned:

8 Lessons Learned from Teaching Online from EDUCAUSE on Vimeo.

Course Assessment
Academic programs at UWT now participate in the UW online evaluation system run through the Office of Educational Assessment for online and pilot on-ground courses. The system is seeing varied response rates, but thoughtful qualitative responses. It is important that instructors encourage students to participate. See your program's course administrator for information on delivery, process, and format options.

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