Tech Fellows 2012: the ITFI for Course Redesign

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Tech Fellows 2012: Chancellor's Fund Initiative in Course Redesign 

This summer workshop was a competitive fellowship for instructors doing innovative work in teaching and learning with technology. Recognizing the hard work and thoughtful pedagogy that must occur when teaching is moved to an online format, UWT offers a $5,000 stipend over the summer for UWT Technology Fellows to rethink and redesign a master course using research-based best practices, UWT's new Learning Management System - Canvas, and the Quality Matters evaluation process

2012 Workshop Notes and Findings
Fellows for 2012

Alissa R. Ackerman, (TCRIM 200)
Jeffrey S. Dean, (TBGEN 218)
Natalie Jolly, (TSOC 455)
Matthew Kelley, (TGIS 415)
Michael Kula, (TWRT 200)
Belinda Louie, (TEDUC 564)
Nita McKinley, (TPSYCH 220)
Jie Sheng, (TCES 230)
Ruth Vanderpool, (TMATH 124)
Douglas Wills, (TBECON 220)


Team Award 2012
A team from Environmental Sciences will also create, together, a master course for TESC 337. Awardees Sian Davies-Vollum, Peter Selkin, Julie Masura, and Cheryl Greengrove will share in this award and share participation in the summer institute.

Participants attended both the ITFI opening one-week workshop and the closing two-day peer review at the end of the summer. In between the summer dates, each participant worked individually on their master course, with any assistance (F2F or distantly) provided from UWT's Office of Academic Technologies. At the end of the week-long workshop, participants received $2,500 of the stipend for full participation and then the $2,500 balance on successful completion of the redesigned course at end of summer. Course completion included a presentation of the course to their cohort Technology Fellows during the September session and successfully fulfilling the criteria of peer review via the Quality Matters evaluation process rubric. (Pass all 3-point criteria, and an overall score > 81 pts.)

On completion of the summer program, UWT Technology Fellows are invited to ITFI discussions, conversations, and update events during the year. At the end of their year as Fellows, participants are invited to present to the next year's applicants. It is the commitment of UWT to continue to grow the program each summer, creating a community of fellowship, innovation and collaboration in the design of new pedagogies and practices in teaching and learning.

• Initial workshop: June 18-22, 2012
• Presentations and peer review: September 10-11, 2012
For more information, contact Colleen Carmean.