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Innovative and imaginative use of technologies can enhance and strengthen teaching, learning, and scholarship at UWT.  We recognize that the ability to use a tool to achieve creative goals requires a certain level of introduction and orientation. Academic Technologies, in partnership with Information Technology,  is ready to help you become familiar with the tools you’re interested in and to provide guidance and support for the creative exploration that follows. The list of tools below will help you get started.

Options for Storing or Creating Media for your Course

Learning Management Tools

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Built-in integrations for VeriCite Plagiarism Detection, Panopto Lecture Capture, Poll Everywhere, Twitter, BigBlue Button video conferencing, Google Doc Collaboration, assignment submission, grading etc. 

VeriCite Plagiarism Detection 

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Catalyst Tools are being retired 2017-18. AT suggests setting up a Google Site to replace CommonView sites. WebQ will not be retired.


UW supported lecture capture solution. Allows for easy recording and reviewing of videos from courses, lectures, and presentations.


Online course exam proctoring.

Poll Everywhere

Clicker-free classroom polling 

Social and Collaborative Spaces

Google Hangout icon Google+ Hangout
twitter icon Twitter

Google Sites

Google Sites is a structured wiki- and Web page-creation tool offered by Google. It resides within our UW NetID System

How to get started with your UW account



Web Meeting and Conferencing Tools

hangout icon Google+ Hangout


Document / Presentation Collaboration and Sharing

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Google Drive

Google Apps



Digital Storytelling

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Third-party, free open publishing platform that makes it easy to explain and explore new ideas.